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What is this Hep C thing? Education + Resource Centre The Alfred, 2008.

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1 What is this Hep C thing? Education + Resource Centre The Alfred, 2008

2 What is this Hep C thing? 1.Interactive Activity for young people 2.Classroom Sessions for teachers

3 Hepatitis C Is a virus that causes inflammation of the liver It is estimated that 1 in 100 Australian have been infected It is usually a manageable illness and treatments are improving Will cause liver failure/cancer for a small percentage of the people infected

4 Has no vaccine Is transmitted from blood to blood Can be transmitted in amounts of blood too small to be seen Symptoms are often mild. Some people do not realise they have the virus Hepatitis C

5 Purpose To increase knowledge about hepatitis C To reduce transmission of hepatitis C To reduce discrimination toward people carrying the hepatitis C virus To reduce the risks associated with contracting the hepatitis C virus

6 Links to VELS Set at levels 5 & 6 Risk taking and safety – Health & Physical Education Relationships, peer pressure, help giving and help seeking – Interpersonal Development Human rights – Civics and Citizenship Consistent with key themes in drug and sexuality education.

7 Teaching and Learning Approach Interactive and Explorative Thematic Delivered by teachers

8 Lifestyle Risk Profile Game Form into groups. Place Lifestyle Risk Profile Game board in middle of table for all to see Roll the dice six times Circle square corresponding to the number rolled When a square for each row has been circled, complete the worksheet Report back to the group

9 Discussion Question What are the key factors that make a behaviour high risk for contracting hepatitis C?

10 Activities and Content Risk Taking and Safety Understanding risk taking How do I reduce the risks of getting hepatitis C? What lifestyle factors increase health risks?

11 Activities and Content Relationships, Giving & Seeking Support How would getting hepatitis C change someones life? Giving Support Seeking Help

12 Activities and Content Human Rights How do you support someone with a chronic health issues? What makes a health service accessible to young people?

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