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Teaching about Brain death Li kuang The high school affiliated to Beijing normal university,China.

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1 Teaching about Brain death Li kuang The high school affiliated to Beijing normal university,China

2 Teaching about Brain death 1 introduction to my design for the class brain death 2 feedback of this class 3 experience and suggestion

3 1 the class design Alternative subject once a week (80minutes) 30 students from grade 2

4 outline 1 students` play(13min)students` play 2 what is death?(2min)what is death 3 what is brain death?(20min)what is brain death the anatomy of brain the criterion of brain death 4 discussion support or not (30min)discussion 5 summarize different views(5min)summarize 6 brief introduce brain death in China and in other countries (10min)brief introduce

5 Students` performance show Roya` s family story given by the book

6 1 WHAT IS DEATH? traditional concept heart-beat stopping breathing stopping new concept brain death

7 2 WHAT IS BRAIN DEATH? 1 the anatomy of the brainbrain

8 (2) How to identify a brain death? International medical organization 1968 Geneva conference a lose all reactions to environment b lose physiological reflex and muscles rigidity completely c no autonomous respiration d arterial pulse drops swiftly if the life maintain machines canceled f brain wave keeps no fluctuation


10 The first brain death case 1963 in Britain Potter`s case Potter`s brain was hurt seriously in a scuffle. With the agreement of his family the hospital excised one of his kidneys. However after Potter`s death, the hospital was prosecuted by the family for stopping the respiration machine and leading to the death of the patient. At last the hospital was declared guilty of murder.

11 support 1Brain death is not reversible, and there is no therapy replaceable. 2 Just because of the thinking activity of brain, human being become a kind of animal with intelligence. If a person lose his sensuousness forever, he is dead. 3 Much more organs are available for transplanting under brain death. 4 The quality of life is very bad and there`s no chance to recovered even though the heart beating and breathing of patient is kept by modern machine.

12 5 It denies the traditional criterion itself to recover the heart beating and respiration with modern machines. 6 Those people drowned, poisoned or froze could be regarded as dead and miss the time for rescue if by the traditional heart-lung criterion.

13 objection 1 The concept of brain death is against the principle of humanitarianism, which was put forward on the consideration of organ transplant. 2 It can not be tolerated that a person whose heart is still beating is sentenced to be dead for it is the willing of living which sustained humankind struggling for surviving and developing for thousands of years. 3 Public can hardly understand and accept the criterion of brain death. 4 Being hard for identify and not open of its criterion, Brain death could easily be taken advantages by crimes. crimes 5 How to identify a infant`s death since it has no consciousness.

14 4 BRAIN DEATH IN OTHER COUNTRIES France, USA, Britain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Japan

15 5 BRAIN DEATH IN CHINA the first brain death in China 4.10.2003. TONGJI HOSPITAL WUHAN TONGJI HOSPITAL WUHAN Hairuo Liu caseHairuo Liu a famous anchorman of phoenix TV set Brain death legislationBrain death legislation in China

16 question: What`s the future of brain death in china?

17 2 feedback Interesting Clear Helpful Discussed the topic with families Do not spend much time on English words Time limited the further discussion

18 3 suggestions 1 The teaching material should be nationalized to suit different culture and different students. 2 It`s necessary to supply some relative knowledge which is not presented in the book, before the students` discussion. 3 Some audio or video materials or pictures, stories, especially domestic news, cases and caricature related the topic can also be added to enrich the students` discussion. 4 Arrangement a students` show in class may help students to understand the ethic dilemma furthermore and arouse their interest to participate the class.


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