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Best practices / Special initiatives by states SANDEEP SAXENA APC & SECRETARY (AGRICULTURE) TAMIL NADU.

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2 Best practices / Special initiatives by states SANDEEP SAXENA APC & SECRETARY (AGRICULTURE) TAMIL NADU


4 Initiatives of Gujarat  Growth Drivers- Cotton, Wheat, Horticulture, Dairy -8% Growth Rate during XII FYP  Growth goal fixed in areas viz., Soil Health, Seed, Farm Mechanization, High-tech Horticulture, Extension and Delivery model  42 STLs with Micro Nutrient analysis  Fertility map across 9000 villages during 2013-14, Liquid Bio fertilizers  Establishment of bio-compost units in 11 Sugar factories  Seed village in all major crops in every district, Plant Tissue Culture Labs

5 Initiatives of Gujarat- contd.  Cluster Based Seed production for Maize and Vegetables  Agro service provider and custom hiring unit for small and marginal farmers, ABD categorization  e-tracking of farm mechanization and farm pond programme  Knowledge service provider and private extension  Model farm approach  Delivery Model- Unbundeling  “ Whistle Blower” scheme in Gujarat

6 Initiatives of Punjab  Crop Diversification-Promoting alternate crops like Maize and Cotton  Increasing area under summer Moong  More coverage under Bt Cotton & mechanical picking  Water saving in Rice cultivation through raised beds and Direct Sown Rice (DSR)

7 Initiatives of Punjab- contd.  Promotion of Sugarcane Trench Planter & Cane Harvester  Promotion of Tractor Mounted Boom And Gun Jet Sprayer on PPP mode  Encouragement to Protected Cultivation  Relay cropping in Cotton

8 Initiatives of Himachal Pradesh  Protected cultivation under poly houses in 14.00 lakh sq.m (11,500 nos.)  Micro irrigation increased productivity level by 2times  Soil Health card to all farmers (5.50 lakh farmers)  Establishment Vermi-compost units (5.00 lakh nos.)  Promotion of Organic Farming (13000 Ha.)

9 Initiatives of Odisha  Integrated Farming System  Technology adoption through Exposure Visits (Mustard from Rajasthan; Precision farming from Tamil Nadu)  Improved extension through input dealers (By DAESI) under RKVY  e-pest surveillance to minimize pest menace

10 Initiatives of Odisha- contd.  Online licensing and monitoring of inputs sales & stock  Extension delivery through Farmer Friend  Online fund management of RKVY / NFSM / Extension Reforms  Online subsidy disbursement for borewell/ shallow well / farm mechanization

11 Initiatives of Sikkim  Introduction of Buckwheat for higher income  Relay cropping (Maize with Millets)  Baby corn cultivation with value addition  Maize cultivation for Green Cob  On farm water harvesting with polythene spread

12 Initiatives of Tamil Nadu  Month long “Uzhavar Peruvizha” (Farmer Festival) for mass campaign  Whole village approach for rapid technology transfer and adoption  Crop specific interventions –SRI, SPI, SSI, Precision Farming  Farmer Integrated Hand Book (FIHB)

13 Initiatives of Tamil Nadu – contd..,  Farmers Guide Book- District Specific Pocket Books on various topics  Farm Crop Management System (FCMS)  Agricultural Market Intelligence and Business Promotion Centre (AMI&BPC)  Weather and Market Advisories  Community Nursery  ICT enabled extension delivery mechanism

14 Base line data  Personal Details  Bank Details  Group Details  Land Details  Farm machineries  Farm animals  Allied enterprises  Plantation crops  Fodder crops  Irrigation Details

15 Physical format

16 Portal entry

17 Mobile mode

18 IVRS mode

19 Soil sampling

20 Lab process

21 Result entry



24 Input requirement

25 Consolidated Crop Plan

26 Beneficiary tracking  Online registration of benefits  Prioritization by the departments  Monitoring the distribution process  Assessing the impact  Providing transparency in governance

27 Farmer enrollment

28 Mobile No. Yes / No. Farmer’s code no. 9444005219 564334 Yes Required on No. of hours 25 th March 6 hours NameRaman DistrictKancheepuram BlockAchirapakkam VillageAchirapakkam Type of Machinery required Tractor ONLINE FARM MACHINERY BOOKING SYSTEM

29 Touch Screen Kiosks-Services offered  Crop Plan  Technologies  Input availability  Market trend  Allied enterprises  Contact/ Feed back

30 Kiosk process - Model

31 Touch Screen Kiosk – Virtual Extension

32 Input Inventory Management – e-billing Information about input availability is vital today Static information will not serve the purpose Hence a server based inventory management is need of the hour As an ICT initiative 8 District Agricultural Extension Centres will be provided with customised Input Management application for uploading receipt/sale information

33 Integrating private outlets  Planned to integrate 11,000 Fertilizer/PP outlets  Planned to integrate 8,500 seed outlets


35 FARMERS’ PORTAL  An integrated portal (presently Work in Progress) from the stand point of a farmer converging elements from 200 plus websites of the Central & State Governments and NARS  Drill down approach down to Block level initially  States are to make one time data entry of NARP Zones, Dealers, Manufacturers etc. and periodically update the same.  Databases integrated from different sources and displayed as per farmer’s needs instead of only giving links  Backend integration with mobile based advisories (Text, Voice, IVRS, USSD)  Portal can be launched only after data entry is completed by States in English and Language of the State

36 Unified SMS Gateway  A single gateway (in collaboration with the Department of Electronics & IT, GoI) with multiple sub-users down to Block Level for officers from the Central Government, State Governments, PSUs and NARS  Unlimited Free SMSs to Farmers and other stakeholders in the field of Agriculture and allied sectors  Messages in the Language of the States using Phonetic Typing Tools  Outbound Calls, IVRS, USSD being pilot tested  As soon as functional and administrative levels are added by the States, the Service can be commenced


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