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2 CONTENTS: Shadah-The first pillar of Islam.
Salah-The second pillar of Islam. Zakat-The third pillar of Islam. Hajj-The fourth pillar of Islam. Saum-The fifth pillar of Islam.

3 SHADAHA..... Shahada means a statement of their faith. It is the main religious belief for all Muslim people. Muslims believe that there is no god but the One God, Allah.

4 SALAH...... Salah is a prayer. Muslims pray five times a day. They have to follow a special process to do so: Wash hands up to wrist 3 times Wash mouth 3 times. Wash nostrils, breathing in and out through nose three times. Wash arms up to elbows three times. Wash head with wet hands, forehead to back, back to forehead. Rub outside the ears with wet fingers, inside with wet thumbs at the same time. Wash feet up to the ankles three times. Raise your face to the sky, pointing up with your pointy finger. If there is no clean water, Muslims use sand for the process instead. Prayers are said at these times: Sunrise, mid-day, late afternoon, sunset, before going to bed.

5 ZAKAT...... Zakat is giving money to charity. Each Muslim gives up a share of his or her wealth each year. The word zakat means to purify and cleanse which means to clean them from selfishness and greed. The money is used for either education or to build mosques or help the needy.

6 HAJJ...... Hajj is a duty that all Muslims try to complete at least once in their lifetime. It is a walk to a place called Ka’aba in Makkah. The men have to wear special clothes for the occasion. Their clothes must not be sewn. They also wear special open shoes. The people taking part have to do a special wash in preparation for the pilgrimage and other routines.

7 SAUM...... Saum is all about Ramadam, the ninth month of the Islam calendar. It is special because it is when Muhammad began getting messages from God. For 30 days Muslims go without food or drink while the sun is up. It starts when they see the new moon at the beginning of the month and ends when they see the next new moon. It reminds them not to be greedy.

8 Five Pillars of Islam Quiz.....
1.) What is the first pillar of Islam? 2.) What is the third pillar of Islam? 3.) Name two things that you have to do before praying.


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