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TVU Networks Broadband Television Platform

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1 TVU Networks Broadband Television Platform
May 5, 2008 Dan Lofgren VP Product Management

2 TVU Networks Established October 2005
Founder: Paul Shen creator of CherryPicker author of Cue-tones developed HDTV standards chairman of MPEG4 Syntax Group Headquarters: Mountain View, CA Engineering: Shanghai, China Sales offices: New York and Boston Developed core real time P2P technology and complete broadband TV platform First to deliver P2P synchronized live video transmission technology First to deliver automatic cue-tone based real-time in-stream ad insertion Began Beta in May 2006 300+ TV channels and 18+ million users to date

3 End-to-End Broadband TV Platform

4 Proven Technology Real-Time Packet Replication (RPR)
Synchronized Live TV Scalable High-quality Secure Integrated solution for commercial TV broadcasters: Pre-roll/in-content ads Subscription/pay-per-view Billing, payment, and reporting tools Geo-blocking Scheduling Quality of Service metrics

5 Business Model Broadcasters put up channels
TVU monetizes with ads and subscriptions/pay-per view TVU shares revenue with broadcasters

6 Advertising Beyond pre-rolls: first cue-tone based automatic real-time targeted ad insertion solution Revenue sharing with broadcasters. Revenue optimization: broadcaster can sell ads in its main market and allow TVU to sell in other markets. High ad acceptance by viewers

7 You can pay millions to put your channels up on a satellite.
Or you can call TVU. TVU TVUBroadcast BD1000 TVU networks – the new TV. Live on the Internet. 7

8 Value Proposition to Broadcasters
Large Global Audience 24/7 Broadband TV Monetization Platform Content Owner Low Cost Distribution Maximum Control 8

9 Rapid Deployment

10 Partners HP Star TV (News Corp) Turner (Time Warner)
Mediacorp (Singapore) Dolby / Cinea Telemundo LA TV BlueHighwaysTV Eye Music Network MAV TV TV5 (India) TV9 (India) ETTV (Taiwan) Niche Channels: StarGamesTV (sports) GOD TV (faith) Black Belt TV (sports) Australian Christian Channel The Auto Channel (sports) Ann Liguori (news) Nostalgia TV (classics) (news) Fun Little Movies (fun) Omni Broadcast Network (classics) NE Angling TV (sports) Dad Labs (lifestyle) WGAYTV (lifestyle) Wildwave (music) Planetx TV (sports)


12 Viewer Success Models Sports fans Emigres and travelers PC TV
Niche content

13 The TVU Community 18+m Downloads 4.5m uniques per Month
>150,000 simultaneous Viewers on a single channel

14 Summary Complete integrated broadband TV platform
Large global audience Low cost: uses a real-time peer-to-peer network Rights management: geo-filtering and scheduling Optimized revenue: use ads and/or subscriptions/pay-per-view Automatic in-content ad insertion Rapid deployment: plug-n-play broadcast appliance

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