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Proprietary and Confidential G EE, THAT S A LOT OF TRAFFIC !

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1 Proprietary and Confidential G EE, THAT S A LOT OF TRAFFIC !

2 Proprietary and Confidential 2 P EER - TO -P EER V IDEO - ON -D EMAND A NY C ONTENT, N O B OUNDARIES

3 Proprietary and Confidential 33 The Challenges Traffic and Delivery Costs User Experience Geography Long Tail Control and Information

4 Proprietary and Confidential 4 Our Solution 1.Web site offers to download a client 2.Giraffics SaaS based SW identifies video uploads 3.Video is fragmented, encoded and pro-actively seeded into peers desktops. 4.Intelligent gathering and streaming upon request

5 Proprietary and Confidential 5

6 6 VALUE PROPOSITION VALUE PROPOSITION New Paradigm for Distribution of Media Content: 1.Reduces Content Providers Bandwidth & Storage costs. Our commitment: BY AT LEAST 66%! 2.Superior end-user Experience: Faster Streaming (no buffering and delays) Higher Quality (res/bitrates) - True HD 3.Very Low Footprint and extremely polite with utilization of end users resources.

7 Proprietary and Confidential 7 T ECHNOLOGY Distributed Grid Architecture with Comprehensive Management of Storage, Seeding and Streaming: 1.Robust Data-Coding Technology (FEC based). 2.Pro-Active Content Seeding/Distribution (Patent- Pending). 3.Coded Multiple-Source Streaming & Progressive Download (Patent Pending) 4.Network Optimization and Control based on Real- Time and Aggregate Statistics Collection. (self learning, self healing).

8 Proprietary and Confidential 8 D ATA F RAGMENTATION & S EEDING Fragmentation …… 1 023 4 5 99 End-user PC Server in the Cloud End-user PC Existing P2P Approaches : Seeding/caching is Viral & of Raw Fragments (original data)

9 Proprietary and Confidential 9 D ATA F RAGMENTATION, C ODING & S EEDING Encoding …… 1 023 4 5 99 Giraffic's Approach: Pro-Active Seeding/Distribution of encoded blocks End-user PC Server in the cloud End-user PC …… 2 0 5 300 1 3 46 9 7 8 Fragmentation

10 Proprietary and Confidential 10 NETWORK MONITORING & REPORTING

11 Proprietary and Confidential 11 C URRENT S TATUS Dec, 08: Initial Seed Round Finalized. Aug, 09: Alpha Launched – impressive results 5 patents (some pending) Customers Validation! March, 10: 5 Beta agreements

12 Proprietary and Confidential 12 S UMMARY Only P2P-VOD guaranteeing over 90% availability and performance for real time video streaming solely from end user Peers. Agnostic to file popularity and user geography Cross Platform supporting multiple environments. A new standard for cost efficiency and user experience. Breakthrough Technology and patents More Users = More Views = More Resources

13 Proprietary and Confidential THANK YOU!

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