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The Operators Dilemma Resolved Relieving Network Load While Improving QoE Presentation to the P2P & Video Conference / October 27, 2008 Energize Your Network.

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1 The Operators Dilemma Resolved Relieving Network Load While Improving QoE Presentation to the P2P & Video Conference / October 27, 2008 Energize Your Network

2 About Oversi Pioneer of rich-media caching and content delivery solutions For Internet Video, P2P & other media applications Established in 2004 50 employees Strong Investors Including: Carmel Ventures and Cisco ® Worldwide deployments and channels Customers: Tier 1 & 2 broadband service providers Offices and representatives: EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific Leading Global Partners

3 Internets Changing – New Solutions Required % of traffic Time Commercial P2P, P2P CDNs Non- commercial P2P Internet video Controlled using DPI Can it be controlled? QoE is paramount How to monetize? Phenomenal success of Internet video sites (e.g. YouTube, hi5 etc.) Users demand for better QoE (faster downloads etc.) Regulation prohibits traffic manipulation (e.g. FCC Comcast ruling, Chile) Legitimization and commercialization of P2P (e.g. BBC, NBC, Vuze, Akamai, P4P, IETF ALTO, etc.) Oversi proprietary & confidential P2P goes mainstream

4 QoE Becomes a Major Target for ISPs. Oversi proprietary & confidential Recent QoE campaign by Telefonica Chile winning substantial market share from competition P2P with no limits

5 QoE Becomes a Major Target for ISPs.. Oversi proprietary & confidential Get more from the internet campaign by BIntl, Israel

6 The Next OTT Challenge for ISPs OTT (Over The Top) Video delivered from the Open Internet QoE is Critical! Hulu - Watch your favorites anytime, for free ABC - full seasons online, selected shows in HD

7 The OTT Video Explosion (source: Cisco visual networking market report 12/07) US internet consumption 1/0125,000TB YouTube US consumption 5/0830,000TB By 2012 most video traffic we consume will arrive from the internet, for free and in HD

8 Oversi proprietary & confidential The Bandwidth Challenge The network needs to grow by x1000

9 The Network Limitation

10 The Solution – Using Internal Network Resources

11 The Solution – Cache & Peer Assisted Delivery Operated by the Network Provider Optimize OTT to the operators network Generation from internal sources, close to customer QoE guaranty OTT monetization

12 NEW NetEnhancer Enhances the Network for P2P Automatically routes P2P traffic to local peers in line with the available network resources of the operator Shifts P2P load from international / interconnect peers* to local peers Shifts P2P load from overstretched areas in the access network to areas with higher capacity Optimizes service providers network resources to: Accelerate content delivery Provide Best Internet experience for end-users Relive network load Bandwidth savings * 85%-90% coming form external sources in global content countries

13 Internet transit Regional Edge Traditional Client -server Regular P2P P2P with NET-Enhancer More viewers = Higher delivery costs Higher network costs Worse performance NEW NetEnhancer : Inline with P4P Goals More viewers = Lower delivery costs Higher network costs Better performance (sometimes) More viewers = Lower delivery costs Higher network costs Better performance

14 Net Enhancer P2P Network Tool INTERNET Regional / Core EDGE Cache (optional) DOCSIS3 ADSL2 Tracker Net Enhancer Oversi proprietary & confidential Maintains integrity of P2P network DOCSIS3 ADSL2 ADSL1 DOCSIS1 Automatically routes P2P traffic to local peers Network Operators define priorities according to network resources

15 The NetEnhancer Benefits Commercially available, field proven Supports commercial and non-commercial P2P traffic Provides full P2P control for the network operator A solution today Does not expose ISP internal limitations to outside players Simple to operate (automatic, out of band) Cache complimentary Solution for the long tail / smaller ISPs (no critical mass for localization) Initial results: Maintains up to 80% of P2P traffic within the ISP network (popular content) 50% reduction in Uplink traffic (with cache) 10x improvement of user QoE (up to user line speed, with cache)

16 Net Enhancer Extends P4P Achievements Applicable to today's P2P majority of traffic Non commercial services Unmanaged traffic BitTorrent, Emule protocols Last mile congestion relief

17 Oversi proprietary & confidential OverCache MSP Multi-Service Platform for Caching & Delivery Relief of network load/ Improvement in QoE Increase in ARPU Monetization of OTT video services

18 Relieves Network Load / Improves QoE Cache delivers more bandwidth to end-users over existing network resources Guarantees faster downloads Frees up uplinks/ complements DPIs Benefits: Saves on international/interconnect bandwidth Clears network congestion Increases user satisfaction Reduces churn, increases user base OTT/P2P Other OTT/P2P Other VoIP Cache OTT redirection Cache delivers requested files Increase in demand for OTT/P2P is met Users demand better QoE Oversi proprietary & confidential

19 Standard OTT video viewing experience OTT video viewing with cache acceleration Experience the Difference A whole new Internet viewing Experience Oversi proprietary & confidential Line speed vs. 300Kbps 1-2 MINUTES download time 5-8 SECONDS download time OTT HD enabler

20 Relate Users experience to their broadband package Migration of packages enabled by cache acceleration Can match cache service to special premium services (FiOS, DOCSIS3) Supports OTT HD (not possible without cache) Benefits: Small % of migration to higher BB packages= $$$ Service provider can offer different bundles e.g. assured QoE for HD Better QoE = Increases ARPU Gold - HD Silver - SD Bronze Service Level ARPU $$$ $$ $ OTT Other OverCache Oversi proprietary & confidential

21 The ARPU Business Case Oversi proprietary & confidential BB PackagePrice% of users BB PackagePrice% of users 2Mbps $ 2545%2Mbps $ 2520% 5Mbps $ 4550%5Mbps $ 4560% 15Mbps $ 655%15Mbps $ 6520% ARPU = $ 37ARPU = $ 45 Customer Value: Operator Value: $ 8 per user per month Value for 1 million users $ 96,000,000 per year No cache With cache

22 OverCache MSP Customer Case Study 1M subs OverCache MSP (Video & P2P) delivered: 8 Gbps international BW saving (worth multi $ per year) Improved user satisfaction (10x service level improvement) Customer reported that Call center complaints dropped dramatically Customer attracted 5% new subscribers from competition in just few months 50,000 x $25 = $1.25 million per month !! Competitors ISPs turn to Oversi Introduce Over The Top video Monetization over Oversi Caching devices

23 Monetization Via Portal/Mobile/Statistics Cache Most popular videos Cache Web MNG Oversi proprietary & confidential Promoted ISP Content Content Filter ISP Portal Advertisement Video cache provides list of most watched videos from all video sites (e.g. YouTube, hi5, Yahoo! Video, Google Video) Enables ISP to promote its own video property focused on popular videos - real estate for ad insertion Ads Send-to mobile See similar videos $$$ per MMS transfer (air time) Statistics External applications

24 Summary 1.Relieves OTT load while improving end-users QoE 2.Facilitates intelligent OTT services to increase ARPU 3.Opens up new monetization opportunities Oversi proprietary & confidential Oversi Solutions Turns OTT Challenge into an Opportunity

25 Thank you for listening. Energize Your Network Oversi proprietary & confidential

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