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Founder, Chief Scientist

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1 Founder, Chief Scientist
Virtual Rendezvous Charles L. Perkins Founder, Chief Scientist

2 Early experiences Virtual, Social, Interactive Worlds:
PLATO (1975-6,79-80), Advent (80) the Net, Object-Oriented thinking: ARPAnet ( ), Usenet (1980-6) Smalltalk ( ), Xerox PARC (84)

3 Research background Academic, corporate labs, alternately:
Harvard Univ. ( , 86-90) Verbex (1982) ➱ Dragon Systems U.C.Berkeley (1983-4), MIT (80-3) Thinking Machines (1985-6)

4 Early contributions NeXT, NeXTWORLD (1989-93) 1-800-Wildfire (1990-1)
VRML, α-world, SIMnet (1992-5) Java, ( ) IMPP (1998-9) ➱ XMPP, IETF ( )

5 Company relationships
3DO, US West, Time Warner (FSN) Continental Cablevision ➱ Comcast firstperson ➱ Java, Firefly, Abuzz Alexa ➱ “What’s Related” in Netscape DimensionX ➱, TellMe

6 Virtual Rendezvous A Set of Ideas An Evolving Design
A Set of Prototype Implementations A Community of Virtual Collaborators A Foundation for Standards, a Platform

7 Rendezvous principles
Loosely Coupled, Elegant, Simple Embrace and Define Open Standards The Opposite of Not-Invented-Here Only Social Relationships matter yet allow people, software symbiosis

8 Universal standards Interlocking, but Loosely coupled
Built above existing IETF, Open APIs Separates Naming from Protocol, API Defines the Atoms in a Periodic Table of Connections and Relationship Elements

9 Ubiquitous platform At all Times, In all Places, Forever
Across all devices, existing and future Provides useful Molecules, Compounds Policy-less, but with intelligent Defaults Allows many forms of Chemistry

10 Rendezvous concepts Persona Context Activity Facet Relationship

11 Persona definition Fundamental unit of (Multiple) Identity
Pseudononymous not Anonymous Embodies Mood, Aspects of Your Self Everyone has a growing number, 2-12+ One is Special: your True Name

12 Persona examples Username, Screenname, OpenID, etc.
Avatar (3D), Icon, Facebook ... URLs Home, Work, Gaming, Porn-browsing Home Business, Social Butterfly, Hermit ... / goal / social / seeking / soulmate

13 Context definition Fundamental unit of Place, Location
Embodies both Nearness, Where-ness Has the Set of Persona currently There Has a default Group (Shared Activity) Every Persona has a unique Home

14 Context examples URL, URI, canonical URN
... / SecondLife / <Region> / X, Y, Z Spherically close to named Landmark ... / Rendezvous / Virtual / Telephony Running an Application, Watching Video

15 Activity definition Group (Set) of Personas, engaged in...
Any Shared Activity, Task, Goal, Hope Has Collaboration, Communication Tech Embodies both Means and Purpose Lives in a Context, which rarely changes

16 Activity examples Chatroom, IRC channel, IM conversation
/slashdot-like thread, blog Users Set of Avatars near one another in 3D On the telephone, a Physical meeting Set of Persona browsing a domain, URL

17 Facet definition an Aspect of any Persona, Context, Activity (Group), or Relationship Has a Type (System, Name) and a Value Blends Data and Behaviour seamlessly Allows sophisticated Visibility Control

18 Facet examples .../address/street/number: Java,int,42
XML schemas, data ⇔ graph of Facets Radically distributed Native XML DBs Storage of useful (or personal) Info the Platform UI is built using Facets

19 Relationship definition
Explicitly represents Implicit P2Persona: Family, Spouse, Intimate Friend Friend, (Business) Acquaintance Talked-to, Touched, Seen, Near UML Superset: 1:1, 1:many, Set, Graph

20 Relationship examples
RDF, OWL, Open Cyc, Ontologies M-language Concept graph ⇔ XML Bob <.../eros/unrequited/work> Alice aContext <1:many, Set> aPersona aNode <many:many, Ordered> aNode2

21 Rendezvous naming Every Entity has a Concept-Unique ID
Every Entity has a Canonical Name Stored in a Directed Acyclic Graph Created, Updated via Web graphs Extendible by Users, Vetted and Not Entities inherit from multiple Parents

22 Name examples You’ve seen several in previous slides
.../service/intangible/virtual/world/sex M-language dictionary word Senses .../shop.2/clothes, .../social.3/women ➯ .../URL/com/name/-http- /path/.../leaf

23 Platform concepts Across all Web, Social, Virtual worlds:
Presence, and One Way to update it Identity, and One Place to change it Reputation, Guaranteed Useful Value (Attention), Asset Movement

24 Platform goals Ever-growing Ubiquity, Universality
Always the best way to see/find People Always the best way to manage Yourself People/SW Service, Stranger Discovery People Browser via Web of Relationship Everything Extensible by Everyone

25 Platform features Manages a Web of People not just URLs
Spans all Devices, Fixed and Portable Blends Real-time, Store & forward Automatic Web login, service, download Radically distributed, shared Resources Manages personal Info, Access, Privacy

26 Platform status Research partnerships in place:
MIT, Google, FSF, others (ask) Open Sources identified, investigated Prototypes of browser/server in Java P2P/Jxta, Ruby implementation started Detailed Design, User Stories, on-going

27 Future needs an Executive Director for Business Dev.
Additional Partnerships, Sponsors Funding, Donations of Money, open SW The Virtual Rendezvous Foundation You! ➯ enthusiastic, growing Community

28 Contact info VirtualRendezvous at G-mail Visit if you’re near Harvard Square Q & A, during the Cocktail Reception

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