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Telefónica International Wholesale Services

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1 Telefónica International Wholesale Services
Corporate Overview and P4P Working Group P4PWG Telefónica Internacional Wholesale Services Estrategia y Desarrollo Negocio January 2009

2 01 Telefónica Group Relevant Data
Index 01 Telefónica Group Relevant Data 02 Telefónica Wholesale Relevant Data 03 Mission and Vision 04 IP Network 05 P2P and P4PWG

3 The Value Proposition of Telecomunications Today: Stay close to the customer and in the center of all new business models

4 Telefónica is one of the largest telecom’s operators in the world…
01 Telefónica is one of the largest telecom’s operators in the world… Accesses Jun/07 Presence in 23 countries employees

5 4th 01 …having climbed the rankings in the last few years… 42
Company by market cap in the Telecom´s sector Fuente: Bloomberg. EMC. Company Data

6 01 …and has become a key player in sector consolidation Telefónica
Latin America Telefónica O2 Europe Telefónica Spain Latin America Accesses 126 MM Revenues € 18.1 Bn Europe Accesses 39.2 MM Revenues € 13.2 Bn Spain * Accesses 49.3 MM Revenues € 19.8 Bn * Medi Telecom Included Strategic Alliance & acquisition of 5% of China Netcom The Corporate Centre defines the strategy and the corporate policies 9,9% of Portugal Telecom Acquisition of an indirect participation of Telecom Italia (42,3% of TI’s controlling vehicle which owns 23,6% of TI)

7 Leader in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru & Colombia
01 In Latin America, Telefónica is the leader in 5 markets => #1 in 56 % of Latam GDP 1º Fixed 1º Mobile 1º BB 2º Mobile 2º Fixed Leader in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru & Colombia Telefónica in Latin America 2007 126 MM accesses Presence in 15 countries 136,000 employees Revenues: ~ € 18.1 Bn OIBDA: ~ € 6.6 Bn OpFCF: ~ € 3.9 Bn

8 01 The Investment in Latin America has resulted in a continuous growth of customers and services Mobile Broadband Fix Paid TV

9 01

10 Telefónica International
02 Telefónica Wholesale belongs to the Telefónica Latinoamerica Group also with Terra Telefónica de España Telefónica Latino America Telefónica O2 Europe Telefónica International Wholesale Services Terra - ISP International services for Carriers Main support subsidiaries Telefónica R&D Fundación Telefónica T-Gestiona Telefónica Contenidos

11 02 Terra Overview Terra Networks is a global Internet media company under the Telefónica Group Terra operates some of the most popular websites in the United States, Latin America and Spain, with over 45 million monthly unique users worldwide. Terra is also the largest access/broadband provider in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world market. is the U.S. arm of the Terra Networks group, providing unique, comprehensive content and value-added services to the US Hispanic market. Key industry leaders, such as Comcast,, Azteca America, Editorial Televisa, CONCACAF, and others, partner with Terra to provide the best in news, sports, music and entertainment to our loyal audience. Terra is a leader in the US Hispanic online market, according to comScore Media Metrix and Nielsen/NetRatings. · Argentina · Brasil · Chile · Colombia · Costa Rica · Ecuador · EEUU · El Salvador · España · Guatemala · Honduras · México · Nicaragua · República Dominicana · Panamá · Perú · Puerto Rico · Uruguay · Venezuela Terra Shorts: a fresh, new way to experience Latino Films.

12 02 Telefónica International Wholesale Services is the leading telecommunications’ wholesale provider in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets... Footprint International Voice Main markets in Europe and America M carried minutes 455 people in 11 different countries Direct routes to more than 150 carriers Coverage in more than 230 countries through agreements Mobile and fixed traffic termination Business excluding voice Assets Wholesale Capacity, IP Transit, Data and Clearing House services State of the art International network TIER 1 IP Backbone 2 International Control Centers and 40 PoPs in 18 countries Best Data Network capillarity in the region 15 landing stations > 45,000 km fiber optic network

13 02 ...operating in those countries where the Group is present and accessing more than 400 destinations …

14 ... with a whole Portfolio of Services …
02 ... with a whole Portfolio of Services … Capacity Data VSAT IP Voice SDH/SONET Backbone Bandwidth City to City Wavelength Backbone Wavelength Private Networks Carrier Frame Relay Carrier ATM Carrier Clear Channel Carrier IP MPLS VPN IP Sec VSAT IP VPN Internet Backup GSMoSatellite Ampliación de cobertura BGAN Single Channel per Carrier Sat. Broadcasting Internet Transit GRX MMS Relay International Transit International Termination Advanced and Value Added Services International VoIP Signaling Operator Assisted Freephone Country Direct

15 02 ... and a wide customer base...

16 03 Telefónica Wholesale Mission within Telefónica Group
Integrated management of Telefonica Group’s international wholesale business along with its supporting network International Wholesale Business Telefonica de España To gather inbound international traffic, providing a single interface for international carriers wherever the Group has presence Act as the Group’s International carrier to meet all the international traffic needs Supporting the Group’s broadband strategy by meeting its growth demand Maximize return on existing assets (Opex and Capex management) fostering the Group’s synergies Provide global scope to the new mobility services, VoIP and broadband Telefonica Latinoamérica Telefonica Wholesale Telefónica O2 Europe T. Deutschland

17 04 International IP Network
VoIP Networks Taking advantage of technological evolution New York Single international NGN Common and integrated processes Unified platform provides integrated management and operation of the voice business Miami Madrid VoIP Networks ToIP Networks Multimedia IMS networks ToIP Networks LIMA Buenos Aires Sao Paulo Multimedia IMS networks Santiago LCR Prepaid CDRs Mediation VAS ENUM Accelerated Growth International IP traffic Broadband users Growth and new acquisition

18 05 The P2P – both a threat and opportunity
…which will continue to grow with more premium content Bandwidth-hungry application is P2P traffic… Source: TIWS Madrid: Dec 2003

19 05 P4P TIWS Team Telefonica R&D Pablo Rodriguez Georgos Siganos
Nikolaos Laoutaris


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