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Online Game Delivery Report June, 2009 Slide 1 | Pando Confidential.

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1 Online Game Delivery Report June, 2009 Slide 1 | Pando Confidential

2 Slide 2 | Pando Confidential Game Delivery Report – Recent 60 Days Snapshot Avg. Speed 420 KB/s Avg. File Size 917 MB Avg. Duration 68 Mins Completion Rate 87.25% The Data We CollectedWhat Customers Said Faster Downloads Increase in # of Registered Users Lower Cost 20 Games 190 Countries 8,338 ISPs 2+ Million Downloads The data in this report is based on game assets delivered in the last 60 days The Baseline

3 Slide 3 | Pando Confidential Completion Rate Gamer-Friendly Countries Users in the following countries are more likely to successfully download the entire game: CountryCompletion Rate Japan94.12% Czech Republic93.89% France93.03% Spain92.27% Germany91.52% Italy90.89% China89.65% Poland88.94% Greece88.49% United States87.62% Our Customers Report An increase in completion rate - Fewer forum complaints about speed - 10%-15% increase in the conversion rate Gamers Patience Most cancels occur after downloading less than 10% of the game asset.

4 Slide 4 | Pando Confidential Speed Our Happiest Gamer Profile Lives in Zarnesti, Romania Connects to Romania Data Systems Enjoys blazing speeds of 2.1 MB/s StateSpeed Delaware793 KB/s New Jersey773KB/s Massachusetts715 KB/s Rhode Island713 KB/s Top Performing US States Our Most Challenged Gamer Profile Lives in Três Pontas, Brazil Connects to Tele Norte Leste Participaes S.A. Downloads at speeds of 25.3KB/s at best ISPSpeed CableVision (Optimum Online)820 KB/s Comcast Cable714 KB/s Cox Communications635KB/s Verizon Internet Services560 KB/s Road Runner544 KB/s Earth Link543 KB/s SBC (AT&T)251 KB/s America Online233 KB/s US ISP Performance Most Challenged Cities World Wide CitySpeed Três Pontas (Brazil) 25.3 KB/s Mossoró (Brazil) 27.2 KB/s Arapiraca (Brazil) 29.6 KB/s Nova Prata (Brazil) 32.9 KB/s CountryTotal # of downloads Speed United States834,987521 KB/s Canada175,003443 KB/s Brazil116,315141 KB/s Germany65,058414 KB/s # of Downloads in Country vs. Speed

5 Slide 5 | Pando Confidential Download Duration Average Download Duration Distribution Asset SizeAvg. Download Duration 128 MB – 256 MB16 minutes 256 MB - 512 MB41 minutes 512 MB - 1 GB63 minutes 1GB - 2GB100 minutes 2 GB – 4 GB267 minutes Avg. Download Duration Vs. Asset Size Avg. Download Duration Vs. Network Speed Network SpeedAvg. Download Duration Dialup101 minutes Broadband70.62 minutes Corporate (T1/T3)28.30 minutes

6 Slide 6 | Pando Confidential Efficiency Cloud-Friendly Countries Gamers in the following countries benefit from cloud delivery: CountryEfficiency Maldives95% Romania92.3% Korea91.8% China86.51% Sweden85.07% United States 83.33% Belgium81.2% Germany79.37% France79.04% Japan78.63% Fit to Scale The more gamers, the merrier Efficiency is the percentage of data delivered via peers out of the total of data delivered Efficiency Optimization Pando Network Aware / P4P with localized connections: ISP friendly User friendly – faster downloads

7 Slide 7 | Pando Confidential Node Profiles NAT TypeCompletion Rates Blocked88.9% Dependent Filter91.7% Dependent Mapping89.19% Independent87.1% Open91.15% Port Dependent90.31 Network SpeedAvg. Speed Dialup341 KB/s Broadband521 KB/s Corporate (T1/T3)1.3MB/s Faster Connection Yields Faster Downloads Performance Under Network Limits

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