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P2P and Gaming Insights from Harris Interactive Digital Hollywood - P2P and Gaming Conference October 22, 2009 1 © Harris Interactive.

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1 P2P and Gaming Insights from Harris Interactive Digital Hollywood - P2P and Gaming Conference October 22, 2009 1 © Harris Interactive

2 Agenda Overview of Harris Interactive Where is gaming today? A Teen perspective Emerging platforms for gaming and P2P Fresh marketing data on P2P and gaming Conclusions and Implications Q & A © Harris Interactive 2

3 Harris Interactive Research Capabilities and the Product Life Cycle © Harris Interactive 3 DISCOVER/ EXPLORE DEVELOP LAUNCH/ASSESS Exploratory Exploratory qualitative / Diaries User wants and needs Ethnographic studies Thought leader interviews Brainstorming/ ASL Social Media Monitoring Rough-cut concept testing; QuickScreener SM QuickQuery SM Validation Market sizing/ forecasting Segmentation; market structure Competitive analysis Product Concept: Development, Refinement and Pricing Concept evaluations Feature set optimization Choice modeling/DCM Pricing Beta tests; product placements Communications Positioning/ product branding Naming Packaging Message/ad testing (MCR) QuickScreener SM QuickQuery SM Market Feedback; Assessment Brand equity & assessment tracking Customer Satisfaction Win/loss analysis Transaction analysis Customer behavioral assessment Awareness, trial, usage MCR tracking Text Analytics Channel assessments Purchase process Market simulation

4 Research Methodology Harris Interactive ® fielded the study from October 15-19, 2009 via its QuickQuery SM online omnibus service Interviewed a nationwide sample of 2,504 U.S. adults aged 18 years and older, 1,361 of which ever play video games. Data were weighted to be representative of the total U.S. adult population. Data for questions related to online use or behaviors were weighted specifically to the respective online populations.. 4

5 Todays teen segments for mobile phone gaming © Harris Interactive 5 Q91 Q901 How many hours a week do your play games on your (cell phone/smartphone? (n=1492) Q915 If cost were not a factor, which of the following would influence you to play your phone? (n=1639)

6 Q915 - If cost were not a factor, which of the following would influence you to play more games on your phone? (n=1639) Factors that would influence teens to play more mobile games Males and Females diverge on several factors

7 Q920 - What do you think about the ability to move your phone to interact with a game you are playing on your cell phone? (n=1521) Q925 - How would you like it if you could pause the game, transfer it over to your cell phone and pick up right where you left off in the game on your cell phone? (n=1393) 47% 31% Almost half of teens who play video games now would love to be able to transfer games to their handheld Two Ideas to Jumpstart Teen Mobile Gaming Linking the living room vs. mobile Wii Other ideas Mobile gaming could tap other unique strengths linking games to location based services, social networking, cityscape and street gaming

8 Use occasionally Three platforms will generate growth for mobile gaming Q720Q825/Q910 [Device] offer a wide variety of applications and functions. How often do you use your primary [device] for each of the following? Base: Own Smartphone (n=583), Netbook/mini-PC (n=199), Laptop/Notebook (n=2047) Never useUse all the time As a calculator As an alarm clock Bluetooth interface Internet browsing/surfing Playing games Playing/downloading music Streaming music Viewing/downloading movies/video Viewing/Editing photos Managing my finances SmartphoneNetbook/mini-PCLaptop/Notebook

9 Netbook features present an intriguing opportunity for P2P and gaming Q740 Regardless of whether you own one or not, we would like to understand what would be most important to you, other than price, in selecting a netbook/mini-PC. Please select up to 5 that would be most important to you. Base: Aware of netbook features (n=1481) 9

10 Typical video games consumers play Sports and Strategy/Simulation Games are the favorites © Harris Interactive 10 Q5305 On another subject…Which of the following types of video games, if any, do you typically play? Please select all that apply. Base: U.S. Respondents (n=2504)

11 Top devices used for playing video games Computer and console dominate the gaming market © Harris Interactive 11 Q5310 Which of the following devices, if any, do you personally own and use to play video games? Please select all that apply. Base: Ever Play Video Games (n=1361)

12 Devices used for multi-player and online gaming Computer dominates massively multiplayer online gaming © Harris Interactive 12 Q5315 In which of the following ways, if any, do you play the following type(s) of video games with or against others via an online or networked platform? Please select all that apply in each row. Base: Ever Play Video Games And Own/Use Specified Device First person shooter Sports Music Strategy and simulation games Massively multiplayer online games Other type(s) of video games Console (n=881) Computer (n=1038) Mobile phone (n=391) Hand-held (n=402)

13 Familiarity with P2P file exchange © Harris Interactive 13 Q5325 How familiar are you with uploading or downloading each of the following types of files online using P2P software (as described above)? Base: U.S. Respondents (n=2504) In a P2P network, the "peers" are computer systems which are connected to each other via the Internet. Files can be shared directly between systems on the network without the need of a central server. In other words, each computer on a P2P network becomes a file server as well as a client. As the name implies, a server serves information to computers that connect to it. When users connect to a server, they can access programs, files, and other information from the server. Common servers are Web servers, mail servers, and LAN servers. A single computer can have several different server programs running on it.

14 Market interest for P2P enabling software applications © Harris Interactive 14 Q5320 How interested would you be in installing this application on your computer to play video games? Base: Computer Gamer (n=1060) Assume for a moment that you have the option of installing a small application on your computer that connects your computer to a network with other computers for video gaming purposes. All computers connected to this network would become part of the gaming server. The benefits include faster gaming (i.e., shorter lag time), instant patches and updates, and less susceptibility to server overload. However, it would require you to share your computers processing power as well as some storage space with others using the network. Top 2: 11% Bottom 2: 73%

15 Reasons People Use P2P - content, content, content Base: P2P (n=348) Q927 What would you say has been the main reason you used a P2P file sharing application? P2P is all about getting content ¾ of consumers could pay for it

16 © Harris Interactive 16 Q5330 Please indicate which of the following statements you feel best describes the state of P2P software. Base: Familiar With Uploading/Downloading At Least Type Of File Online Using P2p Software (n=1450) Market sees potential in quality of P2P software

17 Conclusions and Implications The future of P2P and gaming looks bright: –Three mobile platforms to grow on –Increasing network performance –Demand for new content and user experience Game developers must support multiple platforms with the user experience and game performance customized for each platform. Netbooks books offer a growth opportunity for mobile gaming and content distribution since netbooks do not include optical drives for software installation. P2P is well position to enable Massively Multi-player Online Gaming by eliminating limitations of the client server model-cost of server deployment, scalability, single point of failure. © Harris Interactive 17

18 Joe Porus Vice President, Technology Research (201) 677-9866 Milt Ellis Vice President, Technology Research (949) 305-9964 18 Thanks for Attending Q & A Thanks for Attending Q & A Contact our thought leaders to discuss the results in more detail.

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