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P4P Working Group Doug Pasko, Co-Chair, Verizon

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1 P4P Working Group Doug Pasko, Co-Chair, Verizon
Laird Popkin, Co-Chair, Pando Haiyong Xie, Principle P4P Researcher, LANS, Yale

2 P4P Mission Statement To work jointly and cooperatively with leading Internet service providers (ISPs), peer-to-peer (P2P) software distributors, and technology researchers to ascertain appropriate and voluntary best practices to accelerate distribution of content and optimize utilization of ISP network resources in order to provide the best possible performance to end-user customers

3 60+ P4P WG Members Core Group Observers AT&T Bezeq Intl BitTorrent
Cisco Systems Comcast Grid Networks Joost LimeWire Manatt Oversi Pando Networks PeerApp Solid State Telefonica Group Velocix VeriSign Verizon Vuze University of Toronto Univ of Washington Yale University Observers Abacast AHT Intl AjauntySlant Akamai Alcatel Lucent CableLabs Cablevision Cox Comm Exa Networks Juniper Networks Lariat Network Level 3 Communications Limelight Networks Microsoft MPAA NBC Universal Nokia Orange Princeton University RawFlow RSUC/GweepNet SaskTel Solana Networks Speakeasy Network Stanford University Thomson Time Warner Cable Turner Broadcasting UCLA

4 P4P Enables Efficient Delivery
Traditional CDN P2P P2P with P4P Internet Transit Regional Routers Edge Network More Viewers = Worse performance Higher cost More Viewers = Better performance Lower cost Network Aware P2P will reduce costs, improve performance 8

5 P4P: Architecture 2 3 1 4 ISP A peer pTracker iTracker
Use BitTorrent in a single ISP as an example pTracker runs P2P system iTracker makes suggestions for peering relationships Information flow: peer queries pTracker pTracker asks iTracker for guidance (occasionally) iTracker returns high-level peering suggestions pTracker selects and returns a set of active peers, according to the suggestions iTracker can be run by trusted third parties, P2P network, or ISP’s. pTracker iTracker 2 ISP A 3 1 4 peer 10

6 Network Map (Illustration)
70% PID1 PID2 20% 30% PID6 PID3 10% Each PID has: IP “prefix” Uplink/Downlink Capacity Links (with weights) Links weights are directional. 60% PID5 PID4

7 Weight Matrix (Illustration)
Are connected to users in these PID’s PID1 PID2 PID3 PID4 PID5 PID6 30% 10% 5% 3% 20% 6% 50% 7% 2% 60% 4% 1% 25% Users in PID’s

8 Dispelling Myths of P4P

9 P4P Test Methodology Simulations by Yale on data from AT&T, Telefonica, Verizon Field Test by Telefonica, Verizon, Yale and Pando.

10 P4P Architecture (for test)
Clients P2P Tracker ISP iTracker Telefonica Weight Matrix Yale Pando Network Maps Peer Loc’s Verizon iTracker is intermediary between ISP’s and P2P’s Can be operated by ISP’s Can be operated by third parties

11 P4P Test Results Haiyong

12 Slide 18 | Pando Confidential
P4P Test Results FTTH 209% faster Non-FTTH 20% faster Slide 18 | Pando Confidential

13 Implications for ISP’s and P2P’s
Laird Popkin Doug Pasko

14 Field Tests Multi-ISP Field Test in June
Additional P2P Company Field Tests following shortly

15 Sub-Groups Caching Telco Cable Hardware Standards Research Live P2P
Wireless IP Policy/Guidelines

16 Questions?

17 Interested? P4P WG is free to join. Monthly phone calls Email List
For more info, Martin Lafferty: or or 15

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