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Endeca Taking a different path Cindi Holt Information Services Manager September, 2007.

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1 Endeca Taking a different path Cindi Holt Information Services Manager September, 2007

2 A Commercial Search Platform Tool that provides Guided Navigation Allows customers to refine a search as they browse What is Endeca?

3 Who Uses Endeca? Large Retailers Barnes & Noble Home Depot Nike Company Intranets Organizations and Businesses with knowledge management needs


5 Background The Library Corporation became an Endeca reseller in 2004. Phoenix Public Library uses TLCs CARLWeb. Growing awareness that consumer expectation drives the OPAC and library website. Staff tested Endeca and Aquabrowser and then refined our goals.

6 Goals Increase speed and effectiveness of searches Expose the richness of the MARC records in a user friendly way Expose the depth of the collection Incorporate an extensible platform: Indexing capabilities of Endeca allow for unique opportunities




10 How does Endeca work? Endeca harvests the MARC records from the bibliographic database. Endeca then creates multiple indexes from the harvested data nightly. Searches are performed against a dedicated Endeca server. Full record display is retrieved from the bibliographic database – real time.

11 Implementation Responsibility for implementation was ours Needed to define and refine dimensions Implement user friendly guided navigation New territory, Endeca was not a library product

12 BISAC Project Begins BISAC = Book Industry Study Group From the BISAC website: U.S. book industry's leading trade association for research and supply chain standards and policies. A standard used by many companies to categorize books based on topical content.

13 Using BISAC BISAC heading were not available to us from book vendors. No way to retrospectively add BISAC headings. Needed to develop a methodology to incorporate BISAC headings. License for use of BISAC headings easy to obtain.

14 Our Approach Piloted mapping Dewey classification numbers to BISAC headings for nonfiction books Staff had to devise a method to do this Catalogers switch gears and break the rules Nothing is perfect!

15 Customer Response Well received! A preview of the new Phoenix Public Library Endeca site was offered on the librarys website. Both environments were available for a period of time with a short survey and opportunity for comments.

16 Librarian Concerns Where did the LC subject headings go? Why is the display different? Real time status of items Authority browses that staff had been using – (keyword vs. authority browse) Inaccuracy of our data and some of our own practices


18 Long Term Solutions All new items have multiple BISAC headings in the order records Project underway to add BISAC headings to fiction books. No BISAC for audiovisual materials

19 Next Steps Continue to enhance searching & browsing capabilities of the Endeca Platform Web 2.0 Strategies, collaborative features Shared booklists,Tagging, Customer Ratings/Reviews, Staff Picks Mashups – incorporate 3 rd party data into the Endeca index

20 Cindi Holt Information Services Manager Jesse Haro Web Manager

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