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LINC -- A Shared ILS System President and Directors Meeting September 22, 2004 Jan Ison.

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1 LINC -- A Shared ILS System President and Directors Meeting September 22, 2004 Jan Ison

2 LINC Background Shared Services Collaboration Results Whats Next

3 The Background 1978 -- LTLS Board voted to automate the circulation for the LTLS collection 1979 -- LTLS Board voted to allow member libraries to participate in the circulation system to create an online union catalog 1980 -- Grant received to automate 8 libraries Lakeland College Library -- a multitype consortium from the beginning Georgetown Public (Currently serves 3700 people with a $37,000 budget) 1981 -- Grant to automate 2nd group of 8 libraries

4 The Background 1984 -- Grant for 5 libraries to utilize microcomputers to circulate via batch process 1989 -- Libraries voted to store full Marc records 1991 -- Libraries voted to use OCLC as the sole source for new bibliographic records (The First) 1991 -- Grant to convert bibliographic records to MARC 1992-- LTLS Cataloging Center founded to serve libraries that could not meet the cataloging criteria 1992 &1993 -- Changed vendors

5 The Background 1993 -- New hardware/software 1994 -- Began patron initiated ILL for all libraries and was the first multitype library system to provide the service (The First) 1994 -- Implemented a gateway module to be the first system to provide FirstSearch through the online catalog (The First) 1999 -- Libraries voted to implement Authority Control on the database (The First) 1999 -- Our first web catalog 2004 -- Implemented Client Server Software

6 Why A Shared System? To make every librarys collection available to the users of every other library, enhancing the sharing of library resources and extending the scope of materials available far beyond those owned by the local libraries LINC enables –Automation of local library procedures –Expansion of local patron services –Cooperation in resource sharing –Sharing the cost of an ILS

7 Collaboration Matters Principles of Cooperation –Roles and responsibilities defined Key Agreements –Bibliographic data –Resource sharing –Costs Governance Structure

8 Shared LINC Services Resource Sharing Library Catalog Circulation Community Resources Cataloging Serials Acquisitions Reserve Room Homebound Technology Administration Security Inventory Backup Circulation

9 Central Services Technical Support Operations Management Planning and Development Consortium Management (Governance) Contract Negotiation and Management Cataloging Center Authority Control -- Library Technologies Inc. PAC Look and Feel Training

10 New Additions Syndetics -- enriched content for the librarys OPAC Web Reporter -- web based statistical access to library data WebFeat -- a meta search engine to search multiple resources at the same time


12 OCLC Sole Source for Bibliographic Records 1989 Libraries agreed to have a MARC database A year of research and discussion 1991 -- Libraries voted to use OCLC as sole source for cataloging records (Key reason was the ability to avoid duplicate bib records) Only allow qualified libraries to enter new records--via OCLC (4 libraries)

13 How are Costs Shared? LINC Central Site –Access Points –Circulation –Holdings Cataloging Center –Percentage of all libraries materials budgets less periodicals Authority Control –Same as Central Site Web Resources –Divided Equally

14 LINC Shared Cost History

15 Cataloging Center Shared Costs

16 How Much Do Individual Libraries Pay $810 Annually --.23% (LINC, Cataloging Center, Authority Control, Web Resources) $43,177 --12.35% for LINC, Authority Control, Web Resources A bargain

17 Growth of OnLine Libraries LSCA Live and Learn Automation Grants Local Funding

18 Why the tremendous Growth? In the past -- the single biggest factor -- Grants –Live and Learn Automation Grants –Only $10,000 per library but the amount was a major incentive Growth now -- slower -- but libraries want to participate –3 libraries currently are doing this on their own Ogden Rose Public Library $29,000 serving 743 –Saint Thomas More HS (a donation made this possible) –Krannert Art Museum Library

19 LINC Members by Type Academic -- 2 Libraries Public -- 36 Libraries School -- 48 Libraries Special -- 4 Libraries

20 LINC by the Numbers Total Circulation -- 3,878,948 Holds Placed in the library -- 293,945 Remote Holds -- 217,130 Bibliographic Records -- 665,648 Holdings -- 1,977,060 Patrons -- 213,795 LINC Scheduled Hours Annually 8756 LINC Hours Available -- 8177 (includes time not available during migration) Training -- 82 Classes; 650 participants; over 2500 contact hours

21 The Use

22 Remote use of LINC

23 What does it look like now? The LINC Catalog The Kids Catalog WebReporter WebFeat

24 The Future More content More linking to other resources Utilizing commercial search engines to get to library content -- Google, Yahoo SearchGoogleYahoo Search Digitization MORE MEMBERS

25 Contact Jan Ison ( Pat Boze (

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