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Brittany's Power Point.

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1 Brittany's Power Point

2 Table Of Contents….. 1.Teacher Pleasing Behavior 2. Listening Skills
3. Reading Skills 4. Mnemonics 5. Goal Setting

3 Teacher Pleasing Behavior (T.P.B)
Q: What is T.P.B? A: T.P.B. is a behavior that are demonstrated in class, which are acceptable by the teacher. Q: How are T.P.B useful? A: T.P.B are useful because, it is showing respect for your teachers and you are setting an example for the other students. When you use T.P.B you are giving respect and you then receive respect.

4 Examples Of T.P.B Being on time to class Having all material
Q: What are some T.P.B? A: There is a lot of T.P.B but the ones that are most common are…. Being on time to class Having all material Ask for make up work Raising your hand Staying in your seat Using MAY I instead of CAN I

5 Listening Skills Q: What are Listening Skills?
A: Listening Skills, is a skill that can help you listen better and to remember what was said. Q: How can Listening Skills help you be a better student. A: It will make you a better listener. It will help you get a better understanding of the topic .

6 Examples Of Listening Skills
Sit up Lean forward Active thinking Name key information Track talker 3 Types of listening Skills Active: eye contact Comprehending: understanding what was said Evaluating: question

7 Reading Study Skills Q: Why are Reading Study Skills important?
A: Reading Study Skills are important because it can help you be a better reading and it can help you on your tests on the book you read.

8 Text Book Reading Q: What is Text book reading?
A: Text Book Reading is a reading method that is used in Text Books or reading packets. Q: Why is text book reading helpful? A: Text Book reading is helpful because it helps you understand what is being read.

9 Guide Lines You Should Follow
1. Read Chapter summary 2. Read goals 3. Read Topic headings 4. Read Topic sentences 5. Read Section question 6. Read It

10 SQ3R Q: What is SQ3R? A: SQ3R, is a mnemonic that is used in reading.
Skimming the article Question Read it Recite the information Review what you read

11 K.W.L Q: What is K.W.L? A: K.W.L is a reading method. Know Want Learn

12 How To Use K.W.L You make a chart as shown on the last slide, then write in the space provided….Know: you write what you already know, Want: you write what you want to know, and Learn: you write what you learned. Q: How does K.W.l help me? A: K.W.L can help you give a better understanding of what was just read.

13 High Lighting Q: What is high lighting?
A: High Lighting is a study skills that can be used in any subject. Q: Why is high lighting important? A: High lighting is important because you are high lighting information that could be seen on the test.

14 High Lighting

15 R.A.P Q: What is R.A.P? A: R.A.P is a mnemonic that is used in reading. Read Ask yourself what are the main points Put it in your own words

16 Mnemonics Q: What does Mnemonics mean?
A: Mnemonic is a system that is designed to assist or improve the memory.

17 Examples Of Mnemonics SLANT Sit up Lean forward Activate thinking
Name key information Track Talker

18 More Examples LISTEN Look Idle your motor Sit up straight Turn to me
Engage your brain Now

19 Goal Setting Q: What are goals?
A: Goals: to achieve within a time period. Here are some guide lines you should follow……….

20 Goal Setting Guide Lines
Goals: to achieve within a period of time. Priority: something that you believe is important. List: list of things. Realistic: something that’s real. Plan: when you plan out something. Time: unit of messenger. Prioritize: is taking your priority.

21 Short Term Goals Q: What is short term goals?
A: Short term goals are goals that are met by (1-3 yr.) Here are some short term goals.. Go to Texas Get a dirt bike

22 Long Term Goals Q: What are long term goals?
A: Long term goals is similar to the short term goal, but long term goal is met by (4-6yr.) Examples of Long term goals….. Go to college Get a truck

23 The End Thank you for coming viewing Brittany’s power point. I hoped you learned some study skills that YOU can use in or outside the classroom.

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