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Bits and pieces Macmillan workshop 13 Sofia, Dec 12 th 2008.

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1 Bits and pieces Macmillan workshop 13 Sofia, Dec 12 th 2008

2 A mixed bag of tricks 1 Why learn another language? 2 Lesson planning 3 Accents –Lanky Joke 4 Stories –Bulgarian folk stories - Kose Bose –Mishmash animals 5 The kids themselves –5.1 The Gift –5.2 New Year's Resolution 6 Survey work –(mp3 recordings) 7 Moving about a bit –Chunks Charades 8 Riddles and puzzles –Just a bit of fun and thought gymnastics 9 Reading the paper –It's good to have some chance to read extensively 10 Kinaesthetic intelligence –Teaching is all about juggling

3 Learn another language Why learn another language? –Discuss in groups (what would you say to your students?)

4 Planning a good lesson Its all in the language –A talking lesson –Plan your own – win a prize on onestopCLIL –

5 Accents Lancashire accents and a bad joke –Sort out the joke in the correct order

6 Stories Bulgarian folk stories –Mishmash animals

7 The kids themselves The gift New Years Resolutions

8 Survey work Use an mp3 recorder Hobby Name BooksMusicSportCollectingTV

9 Moving about a bit Chunks charades –Can you guess what it is?

10 Riddles and puzzles What can you have after someone has taken it? Why do birds fly south for the winter? What goes from London to Newcastle without moving? Whats white outside, green inside and jumps? Why are Saturdays and Sunday strong? Why can we always find something to eat in the desert? Why is an empty wallet always the same? Where does Friday come before Thursday? What can you hold before catching it? What gets bigger the more you take from it? Why did Bill take a tape measure to bed? What animal can jump higher than house? How do you know when an Elephant has been in your fridge?

11 Reading the paper Extensive reading and lot more –What can you do with a newspaper?

12 Kinaesthetics Teaching is all about juggling

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