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The Big Picture of the Bible part 3

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1 The Big Picture of the Bible part 3
Assistance from the book written by Kenneth W. Craig

2 Introduction “Sin has dire consequences for God’s creation. Sin involves us in three deaths that influence our relationship with God and His universe.”

3 Sin Separates us from God #1 Spiritual death
Because God is Holy, any sin-regardless of its motivation, magnitude, or consequences - must result in separation from a Holy God Is 1:13; Is 59:2 Because He is Holy, God must turn His face away when we sin… This separation from God is so dreadful, it is referred to in the worst possible manner, spiritual death Eph 2:4-5; Col 2:13; Rom 6:23; Tim 5:3-6 When our spiritual relationship with God is severed, it is as if the spirit inside our “container” (body) has died

4 Sin Separates us from God #2 Mortal death
Before sin, man existed in a perfect state of spiritual fellowship with God As a result of Adam and Eve’s first sin in the garden we will all suffer a mortal death Gen 3:19; Rom 5:12; Cor 15:22; Heb 9:27 Our containers will not live forever Mortal death will befall us all as a constant reminder of the seriousness of sin Other consequences of the first sin were pronounced as well Man has to work in difficulty Women will have pain in child birth The earth is no longer a perfect place but now produces a natural disasters which effect all creation Gen 3:14-24

5 Sin Separates us from God #2 Mortal death
“While spiritual and mortal death are consequences suffered by each individual, nothing has been done that would deal with sin, that is, remove sin or restore man’s spiritual relationship with God.”

6 God’s Justice Demands Life as Payment #3 Judicial death
“There are prices to be paid when we break the law of any country. For example, when we are caught speeding, we may be required to pay a fine as restitution. If we murder someone, we may be required to spend life in prison or may be executed. These are penalties executed by a judicial system; they are the judicial price for the breaking of a law. Likewise, there is a judicial price that God requires as His legislative penalty for the breaking of His law (sin). The price God requires for sin is as serious as its consequences.”

7 God’s Justice Demands Life as Payment #3 Judicial death
The first command of God issued in the Garden clearly states the judicial price for sin Gen 2: (simply stated, God pronounced the payment of death as the price for sin) Adam & Eve Surely suffered the consequences of sin They died spiritually the moment they sinned They were destined to eventually die a mortal death many years later (Gen 5:1-5) This did nothing to remove their sin, or pay its price-death (Heb 9:22) God gave Adam & Even the choice as to whether they wanted to sin or not… when tempted by Satan, they gave into sin (Gen 3:6) We all sin in this way at some point Rom 3:23; Jam 1:14-15; Rom 5:12

8 God’s Justice Demands Life as Payment #3 Judicial death
God repeatedly demonstrated throughout the OT the penalty for sin – the death of sinner (Gen 6:5-7) The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 18 & 19) 2 Pet 2:4-11; Ezek 18:4 & 20 God’s mercy is already demonstrated, to some extent, in that we are not all immediately struck dead (what we deserve) the instant we sin God takes no pleasure in the death of sinners… Ezek 33:11; 2 Pet 3:9

9 Final thoughts In summary, because of sin, the OT introduces us to the language of death Spiritual death – the separation from God of our spirit due to our sin Mortal death – the death of our bodies as a result of the first sin of Adam & Eve Judicial death – the death that is required to pay the price for or atone for our sin

10 Final thoughts “We are in a very desperate situation: we have broken the laws of the God of the universe. This has separated us from a holy God, and death is required for payment by a just God. If we die our natural, mortal death in this condition we will be eternally separated from God – another consequence of sin. If I could somehow give my life to pay this price I would receive no benefit as my life has ceased! No one else is qualified to pay this price for me as they are liable for own sins. (Acts 4:12) What a wretched situation. Can I be delivered from this death sentence?”

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