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English Ch. 14, Complements.

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1 English Ch. 14, Complements

2 Complements Word or word group that completes the meaning of a verb
Can be a noun, pronoun, or adjective Incomplete: Jason asked Complete: Jason asked a question Incomplete: She is Complete: She is an extrovert. Remember! Adverbs are never complements. Complements are never inside a prepositional phrase. Complements may be compound.

3 Direct Objects Noun, pronoun, or word group that tells who or what receives the action of the verb Answers “what” or “whom” + did + S + V Comes after a transitive action verb ONLY Examples The astronauts finally entered space after a delayed launch. The committee asked the board members for more money. Are you buying a novel or a magazine from the book fair? DO DO DO DO

4 Indirect Objects Noun, pronoun, or word group that sometimes appears in sentences containing direct objects Tells to whom, to what, for whom, or for what Answers “to whom” + did + S + V + DO Follows transitive action verbs ONLY and must have a DO Examples The biology professor showed her students examples of osmosis. Daniel’s friends threw him and his twin brother a birthday party. Pam and Jim gave whoever walked in the door a nametag. IO DO IO IO DO IO DO

5 Subject Complement Completes the meaning of a LV and identifies or describes the subject. NOT in a prepositional phrase Examples Hillary Clinton was a presidential candidate The students felt happy after serving at the homeless shelter. Plenty of rest was just what the doctor ordered.

6 Predicate Nominative Is in the predicate
Identifies the subject or refers to it Can only be a noun or a pronoun Examples The Boston Massacre was a tragic event in 1770. The English king during the American Revolution was George III. A boatswain is an officer on a ship. PN PN PN

7 Predicate Adjective Is in the predicate Describes the subject Examples
Some colonial leaders remained loyal to King George III after the Boston Tea Party. Patrick Henry was very outspoken in defending colonial rights. Grammar is fun and helpful! PA PA PA PA

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