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Lesson Three Nadab, Baasha, Elah & Zimri 1 Kings 14:20-16:20; 2 Chronicles 16:1-6.

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1 Lesson Three Nadab, Baasha, Elah & Zimri 1 Kings 14:20-16:20; 2 Chronicles 16:1-6

2 Northern Kingdom

3 Jeroboam (931-910) – Nadab (910-909) Baasha (909-886) – Elah (886-885) Zimri - (885) Omri - (885-874) – Ahab (874-853) – Ahaziah (853-852) – Jehoram (852-841) Kings of the Northern Kingdom Jehu (841-814) – Jehoahaz (814-798) – Jehoash (798-782) – Jeroboam II (793-753) – Zechariah (753-752) Shallum (752) Menahem (752-742) – Pekahiah (742-740) Pekah (752-732) Hoshea (732-722)

4 930925920915910905900895890885 931925920915910905900895890885 Jeroboam (931-910) Nadab (910-909) Baasha (909-886) Elah (886-885) Zimri (885) Rehoboam (931-913) Abijah (913-911) Asa (911-870)

5 Lesson Three Study Questions How many different dynasties (ruling families) are represented by the kings of this lesson? Question # 1

6 Nadab belonged to the dynasty of Jeroboam. Baasha and Elah were father and son and represented a second dynasty. Zimri was a usurper and represented the beginning of a third dynasty, although he ruled a very short time and his son did not reign.

7 How long did Nadab reign? Of what tribe was he? Question # 2 Lesson Three Study Questions

8 Nadab reigned over Israel for two years (1 Kings 15:25). He was of the tribe of Ephraim as was his father Jeroboam (1 Kings 11:26).

9 Describe the circumstances of Nadabs death. Question # 3 Lesson Three Study Questions

10 Nadab and the army of Israel were besieging the city of Gibbethon which was occupied by the Philistines (1 Kings 15:27). Although located in the Shephelah, Gibbethon had previously belonged to Israel; evidently Jeroboam was weak enough that the Philistines were able to move in and occupy this city. Baasha conspired against Nadab and killed him at Gibbethon.

11 How did Baasha solidify his hold on the kingdom? Question # 4 Lesson Three Study Questions

12 Baasha, who was from the tribe of Issachar, purged the house of Jeroboam. Ahijah the Shilonite had prophesied that Jeroboam's house would be eliminated (1 Kings 14:10-11, 14); Baasha fulfilled this prophecy (1 Kings 15:29).

13 Where was Baashas capital located? Question # 5 Lesson Three Study Questions

14 Baasha reigned in Tirzah for 24 years. Tirzah was located a little north and east of Shechem.

15 Relate the strategies of Baasha and Asa with regard to Ramah. Question # 6 Lesson Three Study Questions

16 Baasha built the city of Ramah in a location that enabled him to control access to the northern border of Judah (1 Kings 15:17). Ramah was located directly north of Jerusalem, a little more than half of the distance between Jerusalem and Bethel. Asa's response was to bribe Ben-Hadad to break his treaty with Baasha. Ben-Hadad attacked cities in the north of Israel to distract Baasha from his building project at Ramah. Baasha retreated north to Tirzah. Continued on next slide

17 Asa and Judah dismantled the work at Ramah and used the same materials to build Geba and Mizpah in Benjamin, a short distance away.



20 What message did Jehu the prophet convey to Baasha? Question # 7 Lesson Three Study Questions

21 Jehu predicted that Baasha's house would be cut off just as he (Baasha) had destroyed the house of Jeroboam. Jehu noted that the Lord had lifted Baasha out of the dust, meaning that he was the son of a nobody as the Assyrians would have described him, and yet he walked in the same idolatrous path which Jeroboam had begun.

22 Who was Zimri and how did he come to the throne of Israel? Question # 8 Lesson Three Study Questions

23 Zimri was commander of half of the chariots in the army of Israel. He plotted against Elah, son of Baasha, while Elah was drinking himself drunk in Tirzah (1 Kings 16:9-10). Zimri killed Elah and purged the house of Baasha just as the prophet Jehu had predicted (1 Kings 16:11-13).

24 Describe the circumstances of Zimris death. Question # 9 Lesson Three Study Questions

25 Zimri wasted no time in purging the house of Baasha. He had ruled only seven days in Tirzah when the army of Israel, besieging the city of Gibbethon, proclaimed its commander Omri as king. Omri, at the head of the army, left Gibbethon and went to Tirzah and besieged it. The city was taken, Zimri retreated into the citadel of the palace and burned it down, killing himself in the process (1 Kings 16:15-18).

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