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Sundial Geotags. Are There Any Sundials..? I am traveling to Portland this summer Are there any good sundials there? Social: Ask a friend, NASS member.

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1 Sundial Geotags

2 Are There Any Sundials..? I am traveling to Portland this summer Are there any good sundials there? Social: Ask a friend, NASS member or the sundial mail list Computer: –Check the NASS Registry –Google Portland sundial –Check Google Earth or Check your 3G Smart Phone

3 NASS Registry Over 685 Sundials in North America, from the Latin America through the USA and Canada Data is stale and incomplete –Pictures lacking on 118 of 685 –Full information for perhaps half Technology has shifted to digital photos, GPS and less real information on what, where, how and why Local, historical and sundial info is often lacking Opportunity Knocks! –Register the dial and generate an interest leading to data –Review the registrations in your home area –Add quality digital pictures and GPS location data


5 NASS Registry On-line version (Link) (Link) – Digital versions –Pdf: one picture, one page per dial –MS Access version –Full data base and better pictures NASS Registry –Archive of registrations, correspondence, files –Available for research –Contact Registrar Future? To Be Determined

6 NASS Registry: Technological Change May 1996 First Edition published –Compiled by Allan J. Pratt with major input from Fred Sawyer and other NASS members –List of 340 sundials, indexed by state, type, designer and number –Black & White paper, 68 pages, no pictures Data base: Registrar –R. Kellogg, L. McDavid –MS Access, one page, one photo per listing –Not published until 2008 as pdf version Web Registry: Webmaster R. Terwilliger –Listing by state –Registry entries with links to photos –Incomplete, independent and limited –Accessible, user friendly, on line Paper -Files -Inputs -Photos Accessible Computer Database -Digital files -Digital photo -GPS Inaccessible Internet -digital Accessible Limited Future?

7 iPhone 3G Google Maps with GPS Find your location, get directions, and see traffic all from your phone Maps on iPhone 3G combines GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell tower location technology Multi-Touch interface

8 Blackberry® Storm Camera (3.2 MP) Built-in GPS Media Player Video Recording BlackBerry® Maps Wireless Email Organizer Browser Phone Corporate Data Access

9 NASS Registry Check for Portland? –None Check for Oregon? –Web 2, PDF 3 Check for Vancouver WA? –None Check for Washington? –10 None nearby, mostly Seattle

10 Waymarking An offshoot of route marking & geocaching Record the GPS coordinates of an interesting point, post the waymark and encourage others to visit the location Text, links, and pictures can be posted Search waymarks by category and location Sundials is a category of waymarks Waymarking: Sundials category: (link) (link)

11 Waymarking Sundials Sundial category active since 2006 Over 775 sundials world wide –50% NASS –27% British Over 340 US and 42 Canada


13 Sundial category, Portland Location (Link)(Link) 50th Anniversary Sundial Vancouver, Washington Analemma Sundial Skamania Lodge, Washington

14 Victoria Comparison NASS Registry –2 Listed, 1 Pending –Significant sundials Victoria Sundial Tour 2006 –9 listed –5 downtown walking –4 driving tour –Custom sundials Waymarking –18 listed –Most garden variety –5 by RTB –All public sundials Victoria has many active waymarkers and geocachers

15 Registry vs Waymarking Registry is well established More sundials listed but growth is slow Better sundial info Significant sundials On line form works but needs improvement –Lacks feedback –Too constrained Software is underdeveloped Out of date Needs members input Waymarking has excellent software Easy to find waymarks Easy to waymark sundials on line Requires digital picture Requires GPS or equivalent location data Accepts large pictures Accepts 15000 letters in description Minimum editing and approval Growth is rapid Ours vs Theirs Can we work together?

16 Google Earth Satellite images of any location Terrain and 3 dimensions capability Navigation controls for virtual flight Add waymarks (placemarks) with location, text description links and pictures Create files to share placemarks or track logs Keystone xml files: kml and kmz (zipped kml) Google earth community: Sundials visible from space http//bbs.keyholecom sundial collection (Link)(Link)


18 Google Earth Community Sundial Collection Google Earth community: Sundial Collection http//bbs.keyholecom sundial collection (Link)(Link) Objective: –1. Sundials visible from space –2. Other sundials and sundial tours Now 192 sundial placemarks world wide –73 in North America Last undated 30 Dec 2009 887103-SundialCollection.kmz




22 Google Earth Placemark Click on Icon for typical placemark –Location, description, picture Right click to see and edit properties of kml file

23 Google Earth kml file Right click on icon for properties of kml file Kml is a keystone markup language file Kml is a xml file specific to Google earth Good programers write kml files directly I hack as required to put in text, images, links etc. Edit Google Earth Placemark to create new kml files

24 Victoria Sundial Tour on Google Earth

25 Shopshire Sundials Phil Walker ( BSS) wrote a kml for sundials in Shropshire (Link)(Link) File contains information and pictures Written in kml with interesting fly in effects Privacy and security a problem Historical sundials in old churchyards stolen and sold to collectors, often in US

26 (link)(link) Technology start up in geo-location Beta website available for testing Interested in working with NASS –Sundials a category, beta shows 62 sundial locations –No content yet: pictures, descriptions, links –Contact: Same features as –less developed software and content Depends of user supplied data base Worthwhile to test and assess


28 Specific placemark in Boulder CO (Link)(Link) Pearl Street Mall Sundial Home turf for Public Earth Not in seven for Boulder with Not in two for Boulder with Google Earth NASS registry #137 Seven listed for Boulder & Colorado Springs

29 Using GPS Geotag sundials –Find the sundial –Take pictures –Mark location as POI –Add to photo properties –Register with NASS Record Waypoints Record Track Logs –Convert to route –Convert to kml files Show on Google Earth Data format conversion GPS Babel

30 Using GPS Typical hand held GPS Location data an maps, as UTM coordinates, or Latitude/Longitude Latitude N 48º 39.448 Longitude W123º 24.060 Last digit is significant 1 Lat = 1 nautical mile 0.001 ~ 2 meters Varies with signals: satellites, WAAS, foliage Dithering removed in 2000

31 Using Google Earth for Location No GPS? No problem! Find you house with Google earth Put the cusor on it and record your location, Latitude and Longitude Find where the sundial was from the address and surrounding buildings Many sundials can be seen from space Placemark the location Edit to add name, location, sundial icon, description Hack to add pictures, links and view

32 NASS Registry Future Options are available, we need discussion Business as usual with improvements? On line bytes of data or printed paper files & reports New interactive software system? Cooperation and sharing with A collection of Google Earth placemarks and kml files? A partnership with Public earth? Copyright issues? Ownership, maintenance? Who does the work? You do! All require members input and volunteer effort No one is doing all this for you

33 Back to the Future iPhone 3G and similar devices are the future Applications like Google Maps exist and Google Earth is coming This on line capability is too expensive for most Options exist with GPS and digital cameras Sundial data base is deficient, needs user input If you want to use it, add to the NASS registry, waymarking and GE

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