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Irest self-service leg beautician Golden idea programs of business in 21 century Informed and conscious grasp opportunity Informed but sensed later wait.

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1 irest self-service leg beautician Golden idea programs of business in 21 century Informed and conscious grasp opportunity Informed but sensed later wait for opportunity Uninformed and unconscious lose opportunity

2 Outline Analysis of the market capacity of hotels Analysis of customer groups Analysis of investment market Practical application examples in hotels Analysis of prospective benefit Comprehensive analyses (from five aspects) Operating procedure of massager controller Diagram concerned with benefit of multi-parties Advertising and promotion pictures

3 1.Analysis of the market capacity of hotels The program of iREST self-service leg beautician is a breakthrough compared with traditional operation mode.,as there is a cooperation with hotels of stars grade.Massagers with multi-functions set in the hotel rooms to make guests release fatigue and obtain health without going out. This service program applies self-willing charge method.The investor (the owner of the machine) makes account check in cash with hotels every month regularly. As the product is safe and convenient, easy to manage,it caters for the consumption conception of modern people and meet the needs of different consumption groups.This program is a global market blank with spacious investment prospect because of low risks, big gains and stable return. At present, many standard hotels have laid out the leg beauticians, and obtained good market reaction and economic benefits with high use frequency. Business travel and leisure is part of modern life, and the formats for the development of the rapid development of recreation and other value-added services and the hotel provides a broad market.

4 2.Analysis of customer groups Business customers Civil servants and businessmen are the largest number. They are groups of middle and high income, or unit of the company reimburse the cost of the trip, the average age of 25 and 55, and of society to make money and power to consume the most powerful groups Traveler customers This group with economic power and a stable income, are willing to spend money, the age structure of 40 to 60 years old Vacation customers A better economic and social prosperity of the class,known to enjoy life and health care, the age structure at 35 to 50

5 3.Comparative analysis of investment market Present private investment projects analyses Deposit Security but low benefits, however, inflation would result in disguised form of the principal depreciation Property Unstable market, big investment, long recycle time (about 16 years) Stock and fund The market is uncertain and high risk, the income is not stable. Antique, calligraphy and painting Belong to collection,many fake product,highly professional Traditional stores Serious competition, difficult to operate, high invest cost Taxi High invest cost and operation cost. It takes 5 years to recover the cost. Running factory High investment, large overstocked goods,verbose management, difficulty to find channels

6 4.Practical application examples in hotels Guangzhou East Sea Hotel: This hotel laid out 40 massagers in double rooms in 28th September,2009.One massage is used 22 times in 4 days,charge 23$ a time.Divide into3:7 with hotel Huizhou Jingkai Hotel This hotel laid out 40 massagers in rooms in 3rd November,2010. One massage is used 8 times i1 day,charge 23$ a time. The following are the names of hotels in Guangzhou that have laid out massagers : Yinghao,Henry,Piaget, Hanfeng, Jianghe, Yunfu, Shanshui, Digital Harbor/East Sea, Huahai Mansion

7 5.Analysis of prospective benefit According to consumption standard 20yuan/20minutes(three-stars standard) Product cost:3800yuan/set 20yuan×3times(3times per hour)×60%(deduct the part of hotel40%)=36yuan/hour 3800(product cost)÷36 the profit made by working of the machine in 1hour)=106hour(cost can be recovered) Sign cooperation agreement with the hotel for three years, after expiration of the tenancy can be given priority.

8 6.Comprehensive analyses Seven reasons for guests to use: 1.Be of consumption ability The hotel guests belong to groups of high income, and the price is reasonable. 2.Be of consumption conscious Age structure ranges from 30 to 60,regard health and life standard seriously. 3.Be of consumption needs Guests is mainly on official duty, business,travel, so they want to relax. 4.Trust service They choose this hotel because they trust its service,and then believe the equipment provided by it. 5.Be convenient to use Guests are able to enjoy massage service of high quality to keep health. 6.Apply direct leading When the guests have the consumption conscious for a moment, the leg beautician is under their feet. 7.Bring health to friends If their friends visit them,they can be give the enjoyment of health.

9 2.Reasons of laying out massagers in hotels The hotels can increase the new service facilities and services grade and will attract more customers without increasing investment. Be able to increase extra income successively in a long period.

10 3.Operating advantages 1.Not affected by economic climate. 2. Not affected by the trend happiness and health are the pursuit of every individuals ). 3.Not need mans supervision, (automatic memory function,check the account with hotels monthly. 4.Low operating cost (not need ground rent and artificial management expense) 5.Moderate competition. (sign agreements with the owner of the laying ground, and enjoy the exclusive operating right.) 6.No inventory or backlog.( one-time investment,long-term gains) 7.Flexible operating ( the laying position of the machine can be adjusted at any time. 8.Stable return.

11 The maneuverability of machine There is a intelligence controlling system in massage machine. The guests just need to press the operating button for twice to start working.During the use process,they can press the pause button( the controller is under normal condition) if they need a stop (opening the door,answering the phone)

12 Cooperation ways Sign an agreement with hotels,the main ideas of the agreement include the following 8 aspects. 1.The laying number:( about 60% of the room capacity of the hotel) 2.Price agreement:20minutes/one time. According to different star grade, he charge is 15yuan---25yuan/one time. 3.Cooperation duration: above 3 years (sign laying agreements) 4.Profit division: the hotel part can be divided about 30% of turnover, the investor can be divided about 70%. 5.Account check method: check the account every month in cash.

13 6.The responsibility of two parts. Hotels :to provide laying ground,power for free, responsible to the daily management (including the cleaning of the machine, the attendants check the use times in one time unit and report the repair the machine faults. Hotel: to provide machine,responsible to the repair machine faults and follow- up service. 7.Laying position: in front the sofa or chair in the standard rooms of above three-stars hotels. 8.Half monopoly clause: During the cooperation period, the hotels are not allowed to cooperated with a third part that provides the product of same sort, otherwise, we shall retain the right of investigating legal responsibility.

14 7.Operating procedure of massager controller The intelligent controller is operated by the 5 following intelligent cards: 1.System setting card (to set password) 2.Time setting card. ( to adjust time) 3.Current data returning to zero card. (only used by hotel attendants) 4.The accumulative times checking card. 5.The accumulative times clearing card.

15 Insert the system card into the controller to set the controller password.The password is controlled by this system card. Insert the time setting card into the controller to adjust the working time of controller. Press the operating button in the panel of the machine twice successively to start work. (the working time is determined by the set time in controller.) When the guests check out,the attendants can know the use time by referring to the data displayed in the panel and then report the consumption times to the front desk.After report, they will return the current data to zero by using the zero returning card. (approach the returning card to the induction zone and press the zero returning button to return to zero.) To check the total number, please approach the accumulative times check card to the induction zone,then the number of times will be displayed on the display. To clear the accumulative times in the database,please approach the accumulative times clearing card to the induction zone and press the clearing button.

16 Diagram concerned with benefit of multi-parties investor manufacturer hotel consumer staff Operating center Self-service leg beautician program

17 Advertising and promotion pictures

18 H and in hand with Irest to share the wealth opportunity Wish you succeed! Hotline:0577-63176666*802

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