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Darius Anthony Ms. Goode COOP 1100 28 April 2009.

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1 Darius Anthony Ms. Goode COOP 1100 28 April 2009

2 Probation Officers investigate and supervise defendants who have not yet been sentenced to a term of incarceration. They provide service that help the courts ensure the fair administration of justice. What is a Probation Officer?

3 Why did I choose this Career?  I enjoy the fact that I’ll be helping others become productive citizens.  To ensure that offenders released to the community obey the law rather than commit further crime.  Personal satisfaction from counseling.  I believe in second chances.

4 Duties and Responsibilities  Work everyday with people who pose a threat to the community and to the officers.  Access to sensitive information about the offenders.  Carry firearms on duty to insure their safety.  Provide the judge with pre-sentence assessment information.  Managing offenders to ensure that they are complying to the conditions of their sentences.  Addressing any needs that the offenders have

5 Work Environment Probation Officers usually work:  In courts  In the community  From their homes  Long hours  In the offender’s place of residence.

6 Skills Probation Officers should attain the following:  Good oral and written communication skills  Dedication  Toughness  Problem-solving skills  Judgement skills They should be able to relate to other cultures because offenders come in different ways.

7 Entry Level Positions  Counselor  Social Worker  Substance Abuse specialist  Pre-trial services  Parole  Corrections  Criminal investigations

8 Requirements  A bachelor’s degree in social work, criminal justice, psychology, or a related field.  Background investigations, periodically  Workplace drug testing  Medical standards

9 Training Training begins when the officer comes on board and continues throughout the career.  New officer orientation  Firearm  Safety instructor training  Self Defense

10 Goals Short Term GoalsLong Term Goals  Bachelor of Art in Criminal Justice.  Get an internship.  Accumulate some experience.  Start my career in the Atlanta area.  Work my way up to Supervising Probation Officer position.  Retire after 25 years.

11 Sources  I collected my information from my informational interview with Mrs. Mary Davis, Supervising U.S. Probation Officer in Valdosta, Georgia

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