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Investorv3.pps Confidential Information1 A HOME BASED BUSINESS ORGANIZATION-INSURANCE.

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1 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information1 A HOME BASED BUSINESS ORGANIZATION-INSURANCE

2 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information2 Home Based Business MARKETING Traditional Approach Lead Generation – Through third party call centers, captive call centers, e-mails etc. Sales - Through brokers, sales agents and financial advisors; referrals of other associations and clubs Marketing & Promotion – Paper, radio, TV & media Approach with new technology Lead Generation – via portals, e-mails, texting, banner ads, websites Sales – Direct to customer (online), Online assisted with agents (online quotation, proposals; self help) Marketing & Promotion – Google search, digital ads.

3 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information3 Distribution Agents Home Based Groups Leads Plan Info Bills, a/c Payments Enrollments Quotes Insurance Companies

4 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information4 Home Based Business Toolkit Insurance Tools to compare Expenses Co-pay totals Deductible totals Premiums Annual preventive /diagnostics etc. Tools to compare Travel & Retail Expenses Flights, Hotels, Cars; Best Prices Best Prices on Electronics, Books & other Business Needs Concierge Services

5 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information5 Components of Distribution Platform Functional Components Health & Life Insurance Content page Travel & Lifestyle Selection Component Legal, Finance, IT, Marketing, News, Blogging Tools and Calculators Plan and Product Listings Plan Comparisons for Insurance Plan Quotes for Travel, Insurance and Other Technical Components Security, Rule based access rights Data Transfer capability ACH Integration (Online payment processing) Reporting / document printing (batch and one-off) capability

6 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information6 Additional Components Functional Rating & Quoting capability or Integration Billing (single benefit or consolidated billing) Sold Business Fulfillment processing Document generation (ID cards, letters etc) Commission Handling Accounts – GL, AP, AR Online Marketing (e-mails, Banners, texts etc)

7 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information7 Insurance Content Health (Including Short Term, Limited & Major Med) Ancillary Health (Including Critical Illness, Accident Medical and Disability Medicare Supp Dental Life Property & Casualty (Including Unemployment Insurance) Terminology and explanation News and Happening Best Prices

8 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information8 Product Listing Example

9 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information9 Product Comparisons

10 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information10 Product Quote

11 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information11 Quote cont…

12 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information12 Additional Components E-billing – Online Bill Generation, Presentation, re-conciliation and payments E-Commissions – Generate commission statements for third party leads. Benefit Summary sheets, Handbooks etc.

13 Investorv3.pps Confidential Information13 HONCHOS.Biz Insurance & Retail Summary Research, analyze, compare and purchase insurance products that best meet your needs Unlimited Access to Health and Life Plans Research, analyze, compare and purchase Travel & retail products that best meet your needs Easy to Enroll Online Detailed Information on Every Product Quote any Plan from Least Expensive to Most

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