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How do I Succeed in Network Marketing and Reach My Numbers Every Month? Establish Your Why and Set Specific Goals Make a Decision to Go for your Goals.

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1 How do I Succeed in Network Marketing and Reach My Numbers Every Month? Establish Your Why and Set Specific Goals Make a Decision to Go for your Goals No Matter What Create a 90 Day Plan of Action Create a Monthly Plan and a Daily Plan Identify the obstacles that stand between you and the completion of each goal. Learn about the RAS! Create Powerful Affirmations Learn how to Build Relationships Ten Characteristics of Top Network Marketers

2 Establish your purpose for the business. Your goals and dreams provide the fuel and creativity for success in Shaklee. Decide what aspects about your future are very important to you. Determine what will motivate you to do more today, so that you may achieve all your dreams and have a better tomorrow. Have a Big enough Why and Success will come with ease.

3 Goals and Dreams – My Why Here are just a few ideas that might stir your imagination: Write down all your goals in your journal and keep adding to your list. To be my own bossPay Off Debt To have Financial Freedom Work from homeExtra monthly income Hire a Personal Trainer Pay the MortgageNew furniture Pay off Credit Card Build a New HomeVacation Swimming Pool Travel to…Buy Food More time with my Family Make a Difference for OthersMaid Retirement Income Medical Expense/InsuranceA Video Camera Camp for the Kids Pay for GasNew Clothes College Monthly MassageFishing in Alaska Money in the Bank New ComputerFlat Screen TV Adopt a Child Built in SaunaA New Car College Education Chef to Cook dinners Help my Church Take care of my Parents Yearly Family GetawayDisney Vacation Cruise to the Greece New KitchenFlying Lessons Entertain Graciously Get Goal Boards for all your Dreams, Cut out specific pictures, and put specific dates and $$$ amt.

4 Action: Your Road to Infinity and Beyond Set Specific Measureable Goals DREAM 2009 – November 10 – 15, 2009 ( early bird Jan. 31, 2009) Barcelo Maya Palace, Puerto Juarez, Mexico All Suites, 20 Restaurants, 10 Bars and Pool Bars, 3 Large Show Theatres, Over 45,000 square feet of pool areas, 2 Aquatic parks, Putting Green, World Class Mayan Spa and Gym, Disco, Tennis, Soccer and more! CategoryNo. of Points Sponsoring Rank Achievement Net Gain Volume Misc. Total Points:350

5 Action: Your Road to Infinity and Beyond This year, there are six recognition categories: 1.New Rank Achievement 2.GOLD Ambassador Personal Group Sponsoring 3.Personal Group Volume (PGV) Growth 4.Business Group Volume (BGV) Growth 5.Business Leader Development – Net Gain 1 st Generation 6.Business Leader Development – Net Gain 1 st – 4 th Generation Qualify in any or all of these categories and youll be an elite Star Achiever Recognition on stage at Global Conference 2009 An invitation to the exclusive New Rank Reception Reserved Seating at the Global Conference Access to the Star Achievers VIP Lounge A Distinctive Pin in recognition of your status If you qualify for the 2009 top Achievers Club, youll be whisked away for a luxurious experience at Napa Valleys Auberge du Soleil resort and Spa in September 2009!

6 90 Day Plan of Action A 90 Day plan is designed to create action. This action will give you a clear understanding of what it takes to build a Shaklee business. A solid 90 day plan will have the following components included: Enrollment into the Training Program Sponsoring 25 to 50 new Golds – Members to build a solid base to start Attend all Product Presentation Calls Attend and Bring Guests to Weekly Business Opportunity Calls Attend the Shaklee Convention (August 5 to 9) St. Louis Complete the Shaklee University Training Course Autoship the RX for Life (Vitalizer, NutriFeron, Cinch, Vivix) Set up a plan of action to Shakleeize A Goal to Reach 5,000 PGV A concrete goal to complete in the 90 day time frame Action Step: My goal for the next 90 days is:_________________________________

7 Reticular Activating System Your Reticular Activating System or your RAS is a part of the brain that filters information in and out. Get your RAS to open up to the opportunities around you so that it works for you instead of against you! 1. Do affirmations to change your self image to accommodate your new goals and behavior. Remember. You must change your version of the truth! 2. Control your self-talk to support the goals and affirmations. 3. Change your thinking: Think about what you are thinking about!

8 Affirmations Affirmations are positive statements written in present tense with emotion words. When read daily, these statements will change your subconscious beliefs within a six week period if written properly. Write down Negative Self Talk – Create New Affirmations Negative Self Talk: I am afraid that I cannot maintain the Shaklee Director level of 2,000 pgv Affirmation: I easily reach 2000 PGV every month! Negative Self Talk: I am so busy. I do not have time to work on a business. Affirmation: I have plenty of time to do all the things that I choose to do! Negative Self Talk: No one wants what we have to offer, I never get any of the good leads. Affirmation: I attract 3 dynamic new business partners a week and everyone loves speaking to me. I am a Shaklee magnet!

9 Additional Affirmations I consistently and passionately achieve all my goals I am a positive person in thoughts, actions and words I easily sponsor 10 new Gold Ambassadors a month I consistently run 7000 QGV I focus on my affirmations daily – imprinting them and controlling my self talk for EXPLOSIVE growth! My builders rave about how much I care and give refer 3 new people to me monthly. I am a leader that others want to follow – that is why I break out a minimum of 6 new Directors 1 st level each and every year I am a passionate and effective speaker and people want to hear what I have to say I am a Shaklee magnet! I attract enthusiastic, self-motivated entrepreneurs who are driven by a powerful why and want to get started right away.

10 Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive Dissonance (L. Festinger) Overview: According to cognitive dissonance theory, there is a tendency for individuals to seek consistency among their cognitions (i.e., beliefs, opinions). When there is an inconsistency between attitudes or behaviors (dissonance), something must change to eliminate the dissonance. In the case of a discrepancy between attitudes and behavior, it is most likely that the attitude will change to accommodate the behavior. Two factors affect the strength of the dissonance: the number of dissonant beliefs, and the importance attached to each belief. There are three ways to eliminate dissonance: (1) reduce the importance of the dissonant beliefs, (2) add more consonant beliefs that outweigh the dissonant beliefs, or (3) change the dissonant beliefs so that they are no longer inconsistent. Dissonance occurs most often in situations where an individual must choose between two incompatible beliefs or actions. The greatest dissonance is created when the two alternatives are equally attractive. Furthermore, attitude change is more likely in the direction of less incentive since this results in lower dissonance. In this respect, dissonance theory is contradictory to most behavioral theories which would predict greater attitude change with increased incentive (i.e., reinforcement). Scope/Application: Dissonance theory applies to all situations involving attitude formation and change. It is especially relevant to decision-making and problem- solving. Example: Consider someone who buys an expensive car but discovers that it is not comfortable on long drives. Dissonance exists between their beliefs that they have bought a good car and that a good car should be comfortable. Dissonance could be eliminated by deciding that it does not matter since the car is mainly used for short trips (reducing the importance of the dissonant belief) or focusing on the cars strengths such as safety, appearance, handling (thereby adding more consonant beliefs). The dissonance could also be eliminated by getting rid of the car, but this behavior is a lot harder to achieve than changing beliefs. Principles: 1. Dissonance results when an individual must choose between attitudes and behaviors that are contradictory. 2. Dissonance can be eliminated by reducing the importance of the conflicting beliefs, acquiring new beliefs that change the balance, or removing the conflicting attitude or behavior.

11 Ten Characteristics of Top Network Marketers Theyre Dreamers They Dont Try They Commit Theyre Teachable They Have Steam Theyre Builders Theyre Good Finders Theyre Always Present Theyre Motivated Theyre Persistent and Patient They Have a Heart Condition

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