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China Game Group Product Profile. Part1 China Game Group Presentation.

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1 China Game Group Product Profile

2 Part1 China Game Group Presentation

3 Two Core Businesses Finet Group ( Online Game Electronic Finance Media Leading Internet corporation in Mainland China

4 China Game Framework The original development base in Hangzhou, while it operated in Shanghai. Research and development team dotted around the country Hangzhou base

5 Corporate Scale The head office in Shanghai extended to 150 staff The original online game base located in Hangzhou, it has more than 200 staff. One of the leading R&D teams who are self- developed 3D engine.

6 Part2 Product Profile Game Feature and System Introduction

7 Game Background The game background is based on the Three Kingdom, reproduced the traditional ancient Chinese city and hero, make players experiences the real excited battle.

8 Excellent Game Picture It is full of beautiful Chinese feature no matter in game pictures or the character setting.

9 Game Character--Profession Warrior----the leader in the battle, command the troops, brave and resourceful in battle. Assassin---- walk in the dark night, coming and going without leaving a trace, killing numerous people, they are the dark reprehensive.

10 Game Character--Profession Wizard--- They are the faquir of the nature and mysterious chaldean. Most of them are female, beautiful, and have magic transnatural power. Schemer---- They are the tactician, they can insight others inner heart and master the victory secret. Scholar ---- They are the well-read intelligence, and turn to powerful Majesty, and give counsel suggest.

11 Excellent 3D Engine– Exquisite Scene Adapting the all-around updated 3D engine, is totally self-developed by their team, and support distant shot and high density vegetation render technology

12 Bright Colorful Picture Exquisite Role Model High quality art pictures and modeling, flamboyant and full of the color scene, fine pastes the chart.

13 Automatic Way Finding System Make the tasks, NPC, Monsters as the hyperlink mode, then to the destination, and add 3D intelligent way finding functions.

14 Build Artifacts---Equipment Forging System Forging system provide weapon equipment platform for players, not only strength the equipment collection and building playability, but also enrich the game profitable functions. When you operated, according to the guide, you need to forge the equipment,put the forging materials in the forging box, at the same time, the material box will show the required consuming game coin and potential. In addition, the package of players have additional accessory materials, players can choose it.

15 Build the Artifacts Gem Mounting System Gem mounting system ----increase the equipment style and attribute. The most different point between equipment forging and Gem mounting, equipment forging strength the five parts including weapon, armet, cloth, glove and shoes. While, besides the above, gem mounting could strength the necklace, belt and ring, al of these is not retain in the aggressivity and Defense Rating, however, increasing the attributes. In the active holy stone interface, players can see the dragon, tiger, sable serpent and rosefinch these four hole. Before mounting, the hole is close, players must unlock it.

16 Various Mission System Chapter novel mission Story mission Royalty Mission Random task Potential Mission Influence the roles cultivating rating Guild Mission Completed based on guild as units, increased popularity

17 Newbie Task Guide Newbie Task Players can learn the basic movement, battle and game task when first enter the game, and know the NPC functions and skills. When players grow stronger, they are learn more about organize guild, forge equipment, gem embedded, and instance, more game content to have fun.

18 Powerful PK Confrontational Same faction individual PK Same faction guild city battle Different faction RVR national war Different faction neutral areas resources fighting Regular big cross server fighting and tournament PK

19 City War Flow

20 Guild System Interface Flow chart

21 Forging and Gem Mounting Forging System Interface Gem Mounting Flow Chart

22 Part2 Product Profile Profitability

23 Item Mall Type There are several types in the item mal, New launch, discounts, hot sale, weapon, armor, decorations, and consuming items. In future editions, there will increase fashion cloth, riding, and gem and other charged items.

24 Part2---Product Profile Operation Status

25 Operation Status Introduction Expectation was rank at the top place in the most expectation billboard once in Operation status May 2008 Initial alpha test June 30 2008 Not delete the files test August 15 2008 Closed Beta, Opening the item mall September 10 2008 Official CB, log in after register December 16 2008 OB When open to the public, the highest concurrent users reach 10,000, the CCU reached 20,000 when OB.

26 Operation Status Introduction Shining in 2008 China Joy The exhibition stands decorated like the ancient city game tower, leaving a deep impression to all of the visited players.

27 Part2 Product Profile Technology

28 Sever Configuration Specification Game Server system configuration CPU Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz + Memory 2 GB HD 73GB+ Network 100mbps + NIC OS Window2003 Server Game DB Server system configuration CPU Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz + Memory 4 GB HD 73GB G * 2+ Network 100mbps + NIC * 2/each server OS Window2003 Server Login DB Server system configuration CPU Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz + Memory 4 GB HD 73GB G * 2+ Network 100mbps + NIC * 2/each server OS Window2003 Server

29 Server Chart

30 Server Amount and Load Bearing Logic Server amount Game site 11248 Concurrency users1,2002,4004,8009,60019,200 Game Server2481632 Game DB124816 Login DB11111 Total47132549 Total DB Server235917 Total Game Server2481632 Bandwidth(k)19,20038,40076,800153,600307,200 * Needed to provide the download Web Server / FTP(or CDN) Server * Needed the database backup solution and system

31 Configuration Minimum Configuration CPU Intel PentiumIII800MHz CPU Memory 256MB Video Card DirectX9.0 Compatible video card 32MB Video Memory Sound Card DirectX9.0(Simple Chinese edition) Compatible sound card Recommended Configuration CPU Intel Pentium III IV1.7GHz + Memory 521MB or 521M+ Video Card GeForce4 or GeForce4+ 64MB Sound Card DirectX9.0(Simple Chinese edition) Compatible sound card Support OS Windows08 Windows2000 Windows XP Windows Vista

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