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Learning Collaborative Team Storyboard Template for Learning Session Two.

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1 Learning Collaborative Team Storyboard Template for Learning Session Two

2 Instructions for LS II Storyboards Please complete the requested information on the following slides -- feel free to customize format and style. Be as creative as you like! Please print the completed slides and set up on posterboard provided during Registration for Learning Session Two. Please limit your presentation to about 12-14 readable pages or the equivalent Use either Power Point or Word ( landscape) If you have any questions please contact _________ at ___________________

3 Name of Team_________________ Team Member Names Here May want to include a picture

4 Team AIM Tell us how you individualized the project AIM statement: What areas of improvement did you choose to work on? What motivated you to work on this? List your specific, measurable goals

5 Test __________________________ Describe one of your tests of change and the sequence of PDSA cycles you used to improve care Describe what you were focusing on and how you approached it

6 Performance Data – Results to Date Use data from your measures (measures charts or Practice Explorer) to display your efforts to date: Is your data beginning to tell a story? Can you draw any conclusions from the results to date?

7 Highlights of Activities What were your teams greatest successes? Which activities do you think have a high value for your patients with diabetes/asthma? Did you identify successful strategies to address your teams aim?

8 Challenges Since Learning Session One (Action Period I) Provide information of your teams top 3 challenges: These can pertain to topic, materials, activities, level of effort, complexity of task, level of internal or outside involvement, etc.

9 Lessons Learned What were the experiences in Action Period 1 (time since last Learning Session) that will help your team during the course of the Collaborative? What has been the impact of initiating improvement activities at your site? Has it changed the way you work? What are future implications for your site?

10 Priorities for the Next 3 Months List your priorities for testing and implementation between now and the next Learning Session Highlight outstanding issues that need to be addressed before you can move forward Describe how your team plans to address site- specific barriers before the next Learning Session

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