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Name 2/15/2014 1 AsiaWebCo. Ltd Presentation Biometric Solutions for e&mCommerce 10 May 2001.

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2 Name 2/15/2014 1 AsiaWebCo. Ltd Presentation Biometric Solutions for e&mCommerce 10 May 2001

3 AsiaWebCo – Presentation & Biometric Demo Agenda: 1.The Virtual World & Biometric Security 2.Biometrics: Commercial Viability & Inhibitors 3.AsiaWebCo: Introduction & JV Partners 4.Security Management/Access Solutions Partner 5.e/m Commerce Solution Partners 6.AsiaWebCo – Advanced e/m Commerce Technologies 7.Discussion and Close

4 The Virtual World – e&mCommerce Security How do we know who is at the other end of the line? Who authorized the e or mCommerce transaction? Who issued the PKI Digital Certificate? Biometrics – Proof of Person & Proof of Presence

5 Biometric Security Biometrics: -A digital representation of a unique characteristic of a person (Demo: Star Constellation) -The only way to prove presence at time of Virtual Transaction or issue of Digital Certificate -A necessary part of future e&mCommerce Network Security Access Controls Present Biometric identifiers which are commercially viable: - reference Biometric Authentication Market Chart

6 Biometric Identifiers Biometrics: Proof by Person Sample Chart from Biometric Market Report 2000 Total 1999 revenue of non-AFIS biometric disciplines: $58.4 million Estimated annual revenues of non-AFIS biometric disciplines by 2003: $594 million

7 Biometric Security Inhibitors to Biometrics becoming Pervasive: Social acceptability/Misconceptions on Privacy Government & Financial Regulators Cost Education & Time Without properly used Biometric controls our privacy and security in e&mCommerce transaction is at risk.

8 AsiaWebCo - Introduction AsiaWebCo JV of Strategic Consultants & Rofin Australia : Biometric Secure Solutions Security Management & Access Applications Biometrics: Proof by Person e-Commerce & m-Commerce Applications - CDS Worldwide Security Management Products - Legal Discovery - Fund Administration - Distance Learning - Virtual Banking - Insurance Claims -

9 AsiaWebCos JV Partner Strategic Consultants Project Management, System and Network Security Experience: Merrill Lynch (Asia) ABN AMRO Asia KLSE & HKEC Standard Chartered Bank HSBC Insurance CLSA UBS Warburg Jardine Fleming CSFB Bank of Bermuda Prudential BAT Financial Services

10 AsiaWebCos JV Partner Rofin Australia Forensics Applied Pure Light Sources & Biometrics & DNA Laboratories Lighting Guides Biometric Wrap Around Technology: - Biometric Data Capture Encryption (4096 Bit) - Biometric Matching Algorithm (local and across network) for Transaction Authentication

11 AsiaWebCo – Security Management Solutions Partner CDS Worldwide Security Management Specialists Computer Hotel, Home and Car Parking & Network Property Security Management Access Management & Security

12 AsiaWebCo – Biometric Partners Finger scanning – Sagem, Veridicom, Secugen Iris recognition – Iridian Technologies/Iris Australia Face recognition – Visionics Voice recognition – Saflink Biometric demo to follow, on Finger scanning & Iris recognition: 1. Veridicom 5 th sense 2. SAGEM Morpho smart 3. IRIDIAN Authenticam

13 AsiaWebCo – e/m Commerce Solution Partners McMullan Bros: - Legal Discovery/Document Management (Tacitus) - Fund Administration (GPEN) - Insurance Claims (GClaim) Big Time Media: - Distance Learning - Secure Video Conferencing - Impulse Buying 90East Inc: - Virtual Banking - Virtual Shopping - Virtual Stock & Bond Trading

14 AsiaWebCo – Advanced Technologies Advanced Technologies – which will Impact & Differentiate AsiaWebCos biometric solutions for e&mCommerce : 90East Inc – Very secure, managed eCommerce Network Platform July, 2001 AxionWeb – Secure & powerful Broadband Wireless Network September, 2001 AdamsPlatform – Super Streaming Video MediaWorld/WER on ASX - September, 2001

15 AsiaWebCo – Strategic objectives To educate the market To introduce its Biometric e&mCommerce Solutions. To grow a web across HK and China and then to expand this to cross Asia and beyond.

16 AsiaWebCo - Discussion Questions on Biometrics and AsiaWebCos Biometric solutions for e&m Commerce?

17 AsiaWebCo - Close Thank you

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