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Realtron SFP (Mini- GBIC) 2km Nov. 3rd, 2008

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1 Realtron SFP (Mini- GBIC) 2km Nov. 3rd, 2008

2 New Features Easy to upgrade 100FX multimode ( 2KM distance) to 1000SX without changing fiber mode New Super SX SFP (Mini GBIC) 2Km No need change to single mode

3 Realtron Current Available Solutions 1. Standard SX (Regular) in Multimode, support within 550m in distance 2. Super SX in Multimode support up to 2Km in distance Old Solution: If the distance is over 550m, then changing fiber to single mode plus LX SFP (10km SM) are needed (re-cabling and extra costs = Very Expensive) New Solution (550m-2KM): With Super SX, no need to change fiber to Single mode ( = Save Money)

4 Benefits for Customers Customers currently using 100Fx multimode fiber need to upgrade to Gigabit level without more budget. 1. No construction time. (Plug and Play) 2. Keep utilizing the old fiber system and save costs. (550m~2Km). 3. 10 times faster than 100FX Current Problems Efficient Solutions: Just Add SFP

5 Where do I plug it ? A 10/100/1000 converter. A gigabit switch with SFP(Mini-GBIC) slot. Converter Switch

6 Specification Super SX SFP (Mini-GBIC) Compliant with IEEE 802.3z Gigabit standard Industry Standard : Small Form Pluggable (SFP) package Wavelength: 1310nm Bit Rate : up to 1.25Gbps Power Supply : 3.3 Voltage Connector: Duplex LC connector Hot Pluggable Class 1 laser product complies with En60825-1 Transmission distance : 2Km (Super SX)

7 Order information 9500-100MMini GBIC (SFP) 1000 SX /LC / 0.5 km, 3.3V,Multi-mode 9500-110MMini GBIC (SFP) 1000 Super SX/LC /2km, 3.3V,Multi-mode 9500-200MMini GBIC (SFP) 1000 LX /LC/10km,3.3V,Single-mode 9500-300MMini GBIC (SFP) 1000 LHX/LC 30km,3.3V,Single-mode 9500-500MMini GBIC (SFP) 1000 XD/LC/50km, 3.3V, Single-mode 9500-800MMini GBIC (SFP) 1000 ZX/LC/80km, 3.3V, Single-mode

8 Contact Information Sales Person: Andrew Chen Email: MSN: WEB: Tel: +886-2-2732-3788 Fax: +886-2-2738-0912 Working Together, We Offer You Victory

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