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The Age of Manufacturing Production Systems Bala Industries.

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1 The Age of Manufacturing Production Systems Bala Industries

2 Production Systems PRODUCTION – The making of _________ and ______________ them into __________. CONSTRUCTION – The _________ whereby human beings convert ____ __________ into _________ _________ (structures), these are items that ________ in one place. Example ____________ ____________ parts assembling products process raw materials finished products stay buildings airports

3 Production Systems MANUFACTURING – The process whereby _________ _________ convert raw materials into finished products, these are mainly items that ________. Example ___________ ___________ Manufacturing and Construction systems __________ on _______ ________ to produce products, they are ________________. human beings move cars TVs dependeach other interdependent

4 Production Systems ___________ are needed to produce _____________ materials such as _________, ___________, steel, ________, and pipe. These same materials can then be used to build more factories. Factories construction brickconcrete wire

5 + + + FACTORIES Brick Steel Wire Pipe

6 People have always used materials at hand to _________ objects. Early manufacturing was primarily done for _________ use. As individuals developed skills using _______ and _________, and gained knowledge about using _________, they began making products for other people. This is about when we first see occupations such as ___________, ___________, and _________ arise. produce personal tools machines materials blacksmithsbarrel-makers carpenters

7 The first type of manufacturing involved highly-skilled workers using simple tools to produce exactly what the _________ wants, one product at a time. Because of the high level of skill required to create these products, they were _________, of _______ quality and _________ in variety. This type of manufacturing is known as _________ production. consumer expensivehigh limited CRAFT

8 In 1798, Eli Whitney developed the concept of ____________ parts. His concept greatly helped _______ _____ perfect the second type of manufacturing around 1900. interchangeable Henry Ford

9 This type of manufacturing involved unskilled or semi-skilled workers using expensive, single-purpose machines to make products in very ________ quantities with little or no ________. Because less skill was required to produce these products and because they were able to be produced more rapidly, they were _________ in cost and of low quality. This type of manufacturing is known as _________ production. large variety cheaper MASS

10 The most recent trend in manufacturing involves ________ of multi-skilled workers using highly flexible (and automated) machines to produce _________ quantities of products with large variety, increasing _________, and moderate cost. This type of manufacturing is known as _________ production or Just-In-Time manufacturing. teams medium quality LEAN

11 Material Processing Primary Manufacturing - Taking raw materials and making them into __________ __________ ___________ to steel trees to ___________ ___________ to thread industrial materials iron ore lumber cotton

12 Material Processing Secondary Manufacturing - Taking industrial materials and making them into products or __________ steel into buildings lumber into ________________ __________ into cloth goods Toy Jeeps thread

13 Tooling up… ___________ _________ - Specific devices used in a _______________ system, to make the operations ______, more _________, and more __________ Some examples of Production Tooling are: 1. 2. 3. Production Tooling manufacturing safer accurateefficient jigs fixtures gauges

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