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2 What is vadic maths? Vedic mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of mathematics It’s a unique technique of calculations based on simple principles and rules , with which any mathematical problem - be it arithmetic, algebra, geometry or trigonometry can be solved mentally

3 Instant calculations:
All from 9 and the last from 10 to perform substractions. e.g =543 VERTICALLY AND CROSSWISE you don’t need to the multiplication tables beyond 5x5. e.g. 8x7;7x6;

4 Instant calculations:
VERTICALLY AND CROSSWISE to write the answer straight down! e.g. Multiply crosswise & add to get the numerator, & multiply the denominators to get the denominator.

5 Instant calculations:
Quick way to square numbers that end 5 =>BY ONE MORE THAN THE ONE BEFORE. e.g. i)The first number (7)multiplied by the number”one more”,which is 8; ii)Is always25;

6 Instant calculations:
Method for multiplying numbers where the first figures are the same and the last figures add up to 10. e.g. i)We multiply 3x4=12; ii)We multiply the last figures;

7 Instant calculations:
Multiplying a number by 11. e.g.26 x 11=286;77x11=847; i)we put the total of the 2-figures between the 2-figures; Method for diving by 9. e.g.43/9=4;232/9=25,(r.2+3+2=7) i)The first figure of 43 is 4=>the answer ii)Reminder 43=>4+3=7

8 Multiplaying by 12-shortcut
e.g. 12 X17; i)We multiply the 1(of12)by the number we’re multiplaing =>1x17=17; ii)Then => 17x10=170; iii)Multiply the 2x17=34; iv)Add =204;

9 Is it dividible by 4? For 4 to divide into any number we have to make sure that the last number is even; e.g.1234/4=? i) 4+(2x3)=10 =>4 goes into 10,two times with a reminder 2,doesn’t go in evenly; but, /4=? i) 6+(2x5)=16,&4 goes in 16 evenly;

10 Adding time  A simple way to add hours and minutes together:
Let's add 1 hr and 35 minutes and 3 hr 55 minutes together. i) =490 ii) No matter what the hours and minutes are,just add the 40 time constant to the sub total. =>490+40=530 (finaly 5h.30min)

11 Kilos to pounds How to convert Kilos to Pounds, & Vice Versa?
Converting Kilos to pounds: e.g.86 kilos into pounds: i)Multiply the kilos by 2; =>86x2=172; ii)Divide the answer by 10; 172/10=17,2; iii) i)+ii)=189,2; =>86kilos=189,2pounds

12 Temperature conversions
This is a shortcut to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and Vice Versa; e.g.74°F=?°C 74F-30=44; ii)44/2=22 °C; 74 Fahrenheit=22Celsius

13 Converting Kilometres to Miles
Useful method for when travelling & need to know what kilometres to miles are; Formula=> number of (km / 8 ) X 5 e.g.80 km into miles; =>(80/8)x5=50 miles

14 To sum up: Vedic Mathematics is becoming popular all over the world due to the following: * It helps a person to solve problems times faster. * It reduces burden (Need to learn tables up to nine only) * It provides one line answer. * It is a magical tool to reduce scratch work and finger counting. * It increases concentration. * Time saved can be used to answer more questions.


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