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GOLDEN RULES For beginner and small herd pig farmers

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1 GOLDEN RULES For beginner and small herd pig farmers
Seven important headings: Marketing Breeding Housing Feeding Welfare Health Biosecurity

2 Marketing Make sure there is someone who is going to buy your pigs and pay for them; Decide which type of pig you are going to sell: Weaners Porkers, or Baconers 3. Make sure you can finance all the expenses until your first pigs are ready to sell

3 Records are important Tattoos are compusory Informal records are OK

4 Breeding Decide what type of pig will suit your farm best;
Don’t buy other people’s problems Plan a program that is going to fit your resources – Cash Feed housing

5 Breeds to think about Large White SA Landrace Duroc Kolbrook c

6 Housing 1, Indoors or outdoors or both;
2. Basic protection against sun and cold does not have to be expensive; 3. Mothers and babies are special and need extra care

7 Welfare Pigs must be protected against thirst, hunger, pain, fear, extreme heat and cold, diseases; Pigs in pens are entirely dependent on their care givers for all their needs; Certain procedures may be done by stockmen, such as: injecting, tattooing, wound treatment, tail-clipping

8 Health and disease Three common problems:-
1. Malnutrition – food is too little, too watery, rotten or toxic; 2. Scours (diarrhoea) in young pigs 3. Mange: itchy diseased skin – pigs of all ages

9 Biosecurity 1. Diseases are spread mainly by pigs, people, bad food, vehicles, workers; 2. Protect your pigs with: pig-proof fence, locked gate, healthy replacement stock, no speculators on site; Never feed swill from restaurants or harbours or food that contains animal tissues ; 3. Use the help that is available from Veterinarians, nutritionists, animal scientists .

10 Disinfection must be well done Good fences pay Controlled access Transport vehicles must be clean

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