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Sony Display Products Brief Overview

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1 Sony Display Products Brief Overview

2 Projection Technology Update
New Projector Specification Multiple Manufactures using including Epson and Sony Visual performance measurement Improving Projector Technology Cost of Ownership Improving Longevity

3 New Projector Specification “Color Light Output”
Projector Specifications… Quantifying visual perception Brightness Resolution Contrast Ratio Projectors built to meet a spec... not overall image “fidelity”

4 White Brightness X Current Brightness specification only measurers the maximum level of White

5 However, this reduces Color performance.
1-Chip DLP™ Technology To offset the loss of light, DLP makers use a white segment to boost lumens. However, this reduces Color performance. Projection Lens Optics Lamp Single DMD Color Wheel

6 1-Chip DLP™ Technology Size of the white segment determines the White lumens specification. But…at the expense of Color performance! Projection Lens Optics Lamp Single DMD Color Wheel

7 Color Tradeoff 2500 White Lm 3000 White Lm $999 $1,199

8 New Metric: Color Light Output
Color Light Output is a metric that measures a projector's ability to deliver color

9 Color Light Output White Light Output White Light Output 3000 Lumens

10 Sony’s New Imager Technology

11 LCD Improvements New Optical Component Technology
Improved Video Performance Improved Optical efficiency Improved Longevity

12 Improved Picture Quality
Narrower cell gaps as low as 12 um Previous generation 3 times as much Smoother image much less screen door

13 Improved Optical Efficiency
More light on the screen with less lamp power Use smaller lamps …less expensive lamps Use Less electricity Produce less heat TCO is less

14 Improved Optical Efficiency
Consider this VPL-FX lms 275w lamp lumens per watt VPL-PX lms 265w lamp lumens per watt Panasonic PTD lms 300W(2) lamp 10 lumens per watt

15 Improved Optical Efficiency
Reduces Lamp replacement cost over Projector life Reduces power requirements Reduces heat output

16 What wears out on a Projector??? “Optical Block”
LCD Panels & Polarizers Usually blue channel first UV energy and Heat cause chemical change to organic material Think Sunburn IN Conventional optic system Panels have organic based substrate Polarizers are organic based

17 Alignment Layers Crystal Structure


19 Generation I Generation II 2007 First Inorganic Panels Introduced
Inorganic Panels and Polarizer VPL-FX40 & FE40 VPL-FX41 & FW41

20 New VPL-C100 Series Introduction
Design Concept: Powerful & Installable Compact Projector VPL-CX100 Successor of CX61 2700lm XGA Delivery from July 07 List Price : $2,120 VPL-CX120 Successor of CX63 3000lm XGA Delivery from June 07 List Price : $2,400 VPL-CX125 Step-up version of CX120 3000lm XGA with NW function Delivery from July 07 List Price : $2,530 VPL-CX150 3500lm XGA Delivery from June 07 List Price : $2,730 VPL-CX155 Step-up version of CX150 35000lm XGA with NW function Delivery from July 07 List Price : $2,930 VPL-CW125 3000lm WXGA with NW function Delivery from Oct 07 List Price : $3,330 Total x6 models

21 Key Features of New VPL-C Series
High Brightness, High Contrast and Crisp image Easy Maintenance ACF Lens Conventional Lens Cover open Filter Lamp

22 Install Projector Lineup & Positioning
NEW High-Resolution (4000 lm) “Lecture hall and Boardroom integration” SXGA+ resolution (1400 x 1050) Allows both native WXGA and 720p Center lens, side access for filters and lamp Powered zoom, focus, and lens shift First use of BrightEra™ panels Direct power on/off (with Off&Go) VPL-FE40 (SXGA+) Est. Street: $7k VPL-FX40 (XGA) Est. Street: $5k Keys: High resolution, very install-friendly Enhanced Network Functionalities Great Price/Performance

23 Max. 820W (2798 BTU) , in standby 27W, 0.5W(Low)
Model Summary VPL-FH300 VPL-FW300 Panel Resolution 2Kx1K (2048x1080) WXGA (1366x800) Brightness 6000lm 7000lm Contrast (TENTATIVE) 1200:1 1500:1 Power Consumption (TENTATIVE) Max. 820W (2798 BTU) , in standby 27W, 0.5W(Low) Weight (TENTATIVE) Around 30.5Kg Dimensions 699 x 298 x 785 mm At first, The Model Summary is these. Panel Resolution, Brightness Contrast, are different between FH300 and FW300. Power Consumption is 820W, Weight is about 30Kg, Dimension is this. These models are without lens type only. Only Lensless

24 1. Selling Points High-end application with 2K resolution and 2 lamp
Stylish round design provide sophisticated installation Installation flexibility rich function & accessory we have a lot of features. Sales appeal points are summarized 3 points. 1.High-end application. We can propose to high-end application by High specification. Broadcast and Video meeting as well as auditorium and board room, and so on. 2. Stylish round design=== [pursue functional beauty & environmental harmony] . 3. Installation Flexibility=== .a lot of seamless 5 lens and easy maintenance.

25 High Specification – High Brightness
Newly developed Optical unit 2Lamp system Inorganic pre-polarizer BrightEra panel For this category, high brightness is requested. This request is solved by a newly developing optical unit. ===At first, 2Lamp system. ===Next, Inorganic pre-polarizer and BrightEra panel. ===By new developing optical unit, 7000lm and 6000lm are achieved. BrightEra technology, Higher Brightness and Contrast Improvement. ==We propose F300 series for demand of higher brightness.

26 2. Installation Flexibility Power Lens Shift
Vertical shift (side view H.shift=0) Horizontal shift (top view) H Shift : 1/10 H V Shift : 0 – 3/5V Shift : 3/5 V (Ceiling installation) 1H 1/10 V + 1/2 V 1V Shift : 0 In the function about the lens, F300 series have a lot of good features. The vertical direction on the screen is defined as V.1V means one screen.H is also similar. For the first time in BPJ Projectors, ===V shift is possible to move more than a half of V at the H.shift equal 0. This means that the projector is possible to be installed at the higher position from the top of the screen. This is improved easiness to set up, and leads to the expansion of the place that can be set up. H shift is one tenth.These are big selling points. Screen center & Lens center Screen center & Lens center & Set center Shift : 3/5 V (floor installation) Can be higher than screen top

27 VPL-FX41 5000 lumen Same as FX40 New Option Lens VPLL-Z1014
( :1) Replace FX52 Ships 10/08 Bright Era /Inorganic Polarizers

28 VPL-FW41 WXGA 4300 Lumen FX41 Chassis February 09

29 Tools PJCalc! Lens calculator PJNet Projector Station for Airshot
Current version is 6.3 available at: PJNet Asset Management software – same site FREE Projector Station for Airshot Network interface and desktop transfer Industry site

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