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We Care WE CARE The One Healthy Group & NABC Project.

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1 We Care WE CARE The One Healthy Group & NABC Project

2 Agenda Needs assessment The One Healthy Group overview – Montie Lloyd MediCash & Pay One Solutions– Kobus Duvenhage The NABC Project – Montie Lloyd Conclusion – Wynand Stapelberg We Care

3 NABC – Needs Assessment Revenue Council Administration Medical protection Retirement protection Death and disability protection Education planning Employment planning Labour relations services We Care

4 Introduction: The One Healthy Group The One Healthy Group GetMed GetMed Swaziland GetMed Lesotho KSF Card Marketing SureOne Managers Franchises Brokers Co-Operatives Group Services Corability We Care

5 The One Healthy Group: Key Competencies We Care First class systems and infrastructure Member focussed business approach Implementation CareDevelopment Product and Services Development Product innovation to market requirements Managed Care ensuring quality and affordability Reducing cost while increasing quality/access of care Regular member communication

6 Mercantile Bank Limited (VISA, Mobile and Closed Loop) Mobile Pre-paid Payment Platform Pre-paid Airtime Pre-paid Electricity Vodacom MTN Cell C Telkom Worldcall Pre-paid Medical Products Pre-paid Content Music Fax to E mail Wallpapers Top Supporter Maps Travel Token Merchant Account Virtual Terminal Mobile Merchant Account Closed Loop Cards MediCash Sundry Debit Payroll VISA Cards Card Marketing – Overview We Care

7 Medicash: Applications of solution We Care Application A: Deposit Rx per employee per month Employee use funds at own discretion Application B: Employer pools funds Managed Care process applied Approved funds transferred to Medicash card Employer remains in control

8 Scope of project Uninsured NABC members NABC revenue stream Participating labour organisations revenue stream Health Wealth Governance We Care


10 The Council Administration Solution Website with portal to NABC Newco Services Membership services Collection services Payment services Labour relations services We Care

11 The Medical Protection Solution NABC Sick Fund Needs focused options Administration by GetMed Franchise Managed Care by GetMed MediCash Distribution by SureOne Tied-agency We Care

12 Conclusion Strong platform for Council management Affordable access to quality health and wellness Evolution of other solutions Governed environment We Care

13 Questions We Care

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