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SMB IP Phone Systems Opportunities Bob Gordon 9-6-08.

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1 SMB IP Phone Systems Opportunities Bob Gordon 9-6-08

2 Why Sell a Small IP PBX? SMBs need both CPE and network advice Shorter lead times than large PBX CPE should have some relationship with the LAN VOIP brings managed services opportunities SMB owners make great referrals (other SMB or Enterprise) Become special and specialize in other forms of intra-office communications

3 Who Are Your Prospects? Professional Services Legal Medical Realtor Insurance Agency Services Retail Stores Part time employees Low phone traffic Part time workers or no receptionist Use cordless SOHO Home based or combo of small office and home office Might have more phone lines than # of employees on payroll Need big company image Residence might have more phone extensions than leased offices.

4 Small Business Communications Solutions Key decision making factors that matter most to customers Source: AMI-Partners ( 2007 Must Have, Baseline ExpectationsEnhancements & DifferentiatorsGood to have LOWHIGH

5 * Survey from July 2008. Based on survey sent to 36 MSFT Response Point VARs in USA and Canada. ** On average, VARs that sell IP PBXs uncover $0.80 of additional networking and computing sales opportunities for every $1 in IP PBX revenue they generate (AMI Research) Typical Revenue Model For Partners*

6 Its Not Just A Phone System Anymore Think About The Other Stuff Circa 1988: Telephone System Maintenance Contract Circa 2008: Managed Services

7 Find the Customers Application Understand the Customers Business High traffic or low traffic? Seasonal or peak periods of calls? In-Bound versus Outbound? What are they currently using? How many employees On Site Desktops Mobile worker Non-Assigned phones (Lobby) Shared phones Remote Workers Virtual Mailbox Call Forwarding DISA

8 Find The Hook Questions To Ask Yourself or The SMB Owner/Mgr Q: Why is this customer showing interest in a new phone system? A: Current phone system having failures or hiccups Cannot locate or does not want to call original dealer Too expensive to upgrade Cannot be expanded No integration with PC or LAN Need Unified communications Simplify Moves, Adds, & Changes Q: What kind of multi-line phone system is being used? A: KSU-Less Analog or TDM Key System Mix of SLT and Cellphones Hosted IP or Centrex Q: Is this a one-time, price-sensitive deal? A:Its a Small Business Phone System so of course price is important Q: What is it that this SMB needs and expects? A: Good Question!

9 Whats Out There? Quick Review of existing SMB Phone Systems Technology and Application

10 4-Line KSU-Less (No KSU) Pros: Great for SOHO $99-$149 per desktop in retail User installable and easy to use Re-use existing twisted pair, home run or series wiring RJ-14 jacks Key system line appearance and intercom, CID, Good, better, best phone selection No Demarc (fine for home) Cons: No support of other devices (operate in parallel & no privacy) Sensitive to noise on the loop & DSL 4-pair twisted wiring & 2 line cords (plus PA) per set When/if the business adds line 5, where does it appear? No auto attendant & VM (DTAD operation only) No PC interface No off-net call forwarding Hint: If replacing a No-KSU, confirm what Telco services are subscribed DIY (Do It Yourself)

11 Notes: Call Transfer/3 Way require Flash Call Waiting not recommended for multi-line CIDCW not supported by most PBX/KTS $6.00 Per Line vs. $40 per extra line

12 Analog and TDM Key Systems Pros: Inexpensive, easy to use for new employees Skinny Wire since De-regulation and 1A2 in early 1980s 1, 2 or 3 pair wiring configurations (home run only) Use HOLD instead of blind/screened transfers Key system line appearance, intercom, CID, Music on Hold Interactive LCD and Dual Color LEDs Good, better, best phone selection No power adapter High reliability Cons: Key Systems assume shared answering responsibility No auto attendant & VM; or cost to add either is prohibitive CTI operation complicated and limited PC interface Lacking Unified Communications VOIP integration becomes problematic Lack software and firmware upgrades via internet What Maintenance Contract?

13 What Will You Find? Expect The Unexpected

14 What the dealer wants to find on site And what the dealer can expect to find… Or this Typical SMB Equipment Room

15 Stuff to Sell, Install and Service w/IP PBX PoE Switch UPS w/surge protection Wire Management System (Larger installations) Replace existing Cat 3 phone cable w/Cat 5 Computer accessories (of course) $ $ $ $ $

16 Other Things to Sell with the Response Point Solution Proprietary IP Conference Unit Headset(s) Wireless Noise Cancelling Music or Message On Hold Paging & Signaling Devices $ $ $ $

17 Keep Looking Low Voltage Paging (Sell new or replace) Each loudspeaker is adjustable Use/Re-use Cat 3 telephone wiring Horns and ceiling/wall speakers Music On Hold (Recurring revenue source) No money in connecting a tuner, only potential liability So propose Message On Hold service Pays dealer commissions just like VOIP Over 90% retention rate Several companies offer licensed music with custom voice-over Simply recommend and/or install the stuff the 1st time UPS (Sell protection) Remind the customer that no phones work without power UPS can protect the system from lightning & power surges Isolate phone system from transients and ground loops

18 Paging Systems for SMB 70 Volt Central Amplifier System Low Voltage Distributed System Braided wiring Load balancing Centralized volume setting Amplifier selection based on wattage Suited for stadiums, large warehouses and hard to reach locations Twisted pair telephone wiring & low voltage 24VDC power supply Adding speakers/zones does not require re-balancing the PA system amp Each loud speaker has its own volume control Little expertise required Notes: Talkback paging needs trunk/SLT access control Save & re-use 1A2 power supply :Use with low voltage paging; relay & control Taps for:A Battery (Filtered for voice); B Battery (For signal);60Hz 10VAC (For lamps)

19 Music For Life CD Set Message On Hold/Music on Hold Dealer Options Recommend Only Commissioned Reseller Recording Services

20 Over /Under Voltage and Surge Suppression Backup Time vs. Cost vs. Frequency Alarms and Monitoring Know your UPS VA rating of the load to be no greater than 60% of VA rating of UPS PoE Switch

21 INTERMITTENT PROBLEMS Our phone system was working just fine but at times… (potential suspects) CAN YOU FIX IT? Our phone system was working just fine but now…


23 POWER FAIL TRANSFER Insures that the customer can make and receive phone calls on one or more analog POTS lines during a power or phone system outage. Automatic switchover is via PFT relay (Break-Make contacts) wired by the tech. Analog phone is connected and goes live when power or KSU go dead If power is fluctuating, or system resetting, the PFT phone keeps cutting off & on during use. Passive Mode: Each trunk is hard wired to a jack. Tech makes parallel connections to the primary (Line 1) and installs a jack. Customer keeps an emergency line powered phone in drawer or plugged in with ringer turned Off until needed. When installing the PFT jack: Do not locate next to KSU or in a closet where there is no workspace or natural lighting Do locate near an access door or window so user is not stranded or ineffective during the outage Do explain to customer that this does not solve problem of outside plant and network outages $ ____ Price for running Cat 3 to location(s) $ ____ Price for the RJ-11 or RJ-14 jack(s) $_____ Commercial grade line powered phone


25 Q&A

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