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1 TEPPC March 25, 2010. 2 CCPG Transmission Providers.

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1 1 TEPPC March 25, 2010

2 2 CCPG Transmission Providers

3 3 CCPG Activities 2009: NERC Compliance Report SB100 Report and Filing CPUC Workshops (CPCN & Transmission Proposal) 2010: WestConnect Annual Meeting 10-Year Transmission Plan Charter Implementation CCPG Kick-off February 19, 2010 2010 Study Plan Approval Chair Search Transmission Planning Proposal

4 4 Org Chart

5 5 Transmission Planning Proposal 2006: Colorados General Assembly found that a reliable electric infrastructure was in the public interest and vital to the states citizens Nov 2006: GA prepared Report of the Task Force on Reliable Electricity Infrastructure. Must address: (a) the adequacy of the integrated transmission plan; (b) if plan is appropriately coordinated with plans of other states and transmission operators in the region; and (c) if legislative action is required to ensure continued progress with respect to the transmission system in Colorado. Jun 2008: CPUC opened Investigatory Docket 4 workshops Numerous written filings Oct 2009: Docket Closed Written Decision; intent to issue NOPR Dec 2009: NOPR Issued CPCN Rules EMF/Noise Levels Jan 2010: Transmission Planning Proposal Issued

6 6 What the Proposal Does Uses the current coordinated planning structure Provides a reporting mechanism to CPUC Does not materially increase the workload beyond what they are or should be doing CPUC participation and oversight Conceptual long range plans (>10 Year) Studies and data more readily available. Identifies the transmission system additions Better aligns the timeframes for generation and transmission planning

7 7 What the Proposal Does Not Do Change how the transmission system is operated. Change how generation is planned. Change roles of CCPG, WC, WECC, NERC, or FERC. Increase Commission oversight over non- jurisdictional utilities. Change funding rules for new transmission.

8 8 What is Proposed? Planning criteria Operating, 5 year, and 10 year planning studies Short-circuit studies Log items Utility 10 year plans, including load forecasts All associated planning data and base cases Economic studies Voltage Coordination Guidelines Scenario studies Conceptual 20 and 30 year long range plans

9 9 Whats Next CCPG Response Due: 3/19/10 CPUC Workshop: 3/22/10 CPUC Report to General Assembly: 7-1-10 Rule Making: Summer 2010

10 10 Next for CCPG Response to CPUC New Chair Appointment Study Plan Development Next CCPG meeting April 22, 2010; Denver TSGT office Notices/Materials Posted Contact Thomas Green 303-571-7223

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