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What is Title I and How Can I be Involved? Annual Parent Meeting Sequoyah Elementary School August 7, 2014.

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1 What is Title I and How Can I be Involved? Annual Parent Meeting Sequoyah Elementary School August 7, 2014

2 Definition of Title I:  Title I provides federal funding to schools to help students who are low achieving or at most risk of falling behind.  Title I is allocated to schools based on the percentage of student receiving free/reduced lunch.  Schools with a percentage of at least 40% are eligible for a schoolwide program.

3 Sequoyah operates a Title I Schoolwide Program.

4 Schoolwide means:  The school uses Title I funds to upgrade the entire educational program of the school.  Title I funds are used to serve all children in order to raise academic achievement.  Title I funds will be used to provide additional assistance to all students who experience difficulties in meeting the State’s performance targets.

5 To be a “Schoolwide” School:  The school must have a free/reduced lunch count of at least 40%. (tbd)  The school must collect and analyze data that effects student achievement.  The school must develop a comprehensive site plan and annually review the effectiveness of the plan.

6 Sequoyah’s Title I Schoolwide Program

7 Planning Team:  Tanya Jones, Principal  Kristin Stark, PK Academic Coach  Tiffany Cacy, Teacher/Tech Rep  Carol Horn, Teacher  Linda Wofford, Support Staff  Kelly Atkinson, Parent  Crystal Hendricks, Parent

8 WISE Tool Summary: Instructional teams will identify key curriculum vertical transition points between and among early childhood and elementary school; elementary and middle school; and middle school and high school to eliminate unnecessary overlaps and close curricular gaps (236) All teachers will use test scores, including pre- and post-test results, to identify instructional and curriculum gaps, modify units of study, and reteach as appropriate. (244) All teachers will demonstrate the content knowledge necessary to challenge and motivate students to high levels of learning. (251) School leadership will provide sufficient instructional resources that will be used by teachers and students for standards-aligned learning activities. (253) All teachers and nonteaching staff will be involved in decision-making processes related to teaching and learning. (259) All students will have access to academic and behavioral supports including tutoring, co- and extra-curricular activities, and extended learning opportunities (e.g., summer bridge programs, Saturday school, counseling services, Positive Behavior Intervention Supports [PBIS] and competitive and noncompetitive teams). (268) School leadership and all teachers will implement strategies such as family literacy to increase effective parental involvement. (269) All school staff will maintain timely and accurate academic, behavioral, and attendance information to parents. (271) School leadership and staff will actively pursue relationships to support students and families as they transition from grade to grade, building to building, and beyond high school. (817) All staff (principals, teachers and paraprofessionals) will participate in professional development that is high quality, ongoing and job-embedded. (276) School leadership will ensure that instructional time is protected and allocated to focus on curricular and instructional issues, including adding time to the school day as necessary. (289) School leadership will allocate and integrate state and federal program resources to address identified student needs. (304) School leadership will use a collaborative process to develop vision, beliefs, mission, and goals. (305) School planning team will collect, manage, and analyze data from multiple data sources. (306) School leadership and all staff will regularly evaluate their progress toward achieving the expected impact on classroom practice and student performance specified in the plan. (312)

9 Focus Goals:  Our school wide goal is to have every child prepared for the rigorous expectations for kindergarten. More specifically, on grade level according to the Literacy First assessment at the end of PK.

10 Curriculum:  The state of Oklahoma state Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) for Pre- Kindergarten are used. An overview of these skills is available on the Oklahoma State Department of Education Website.

11 Assessment:  Students will be assessed using the state approved Literacy First test. They also will be assessed with the district math assessment and the DIAL-4 (Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning). Students are informally assessed on a continual basis through teacher interaction in large and small group teaching.

12 Title I Parent Notification Requirements

13 Parent Involvement Policy  The Sequoyah Elementary Parent Involvement Policy will be available to every parent this evening and copies will be available in the office at any time. Copies will also be available electronically.

14 School-Parent Compact

15 Parent’s Right to Know – Student Achievement  Students at Sequoyah Elementary are assessed using the Literacy First model. Student achievement will be provided on quarterly report cards, parent-teacher conferences and daily reports.

16 Parent’s Right to Know – Non-Highly Qualified Teachers  Schools are required to notify parents if their child has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher that is not highly qualified.  100% of our teachers at Sequoyah are HIGHLY QUALIFIED.

17 How Can You Be Involved?

18 Parent Involvement Opportunities  PTO  Classroom Volunteers  Field Trip Chaperones  Sunshine Assemblies  Book Fairs  Special Events (example: Thanksgiving Lunch, Polar Express Day, Fall Festival)

19 Parent Involvement in Decision Making  PTO Meetings  Committees such as:  Title I Site and District Committee  Safe and Healthy Schools Site and District Committee  Reconfiguration Committee  Calendar Committee

20 Right to Request Meetings  Upon the request of parents, the school must provide opportunities for regular meetings for parents to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions about the education of their children.  The school must respond to any such suggestions as soon as practicably possible.

21 Questions?

22 Contact Information Tanya Jones Principal 918-458-4130

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