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1 I.Vietnam II.Nixon & the World III.Politics IV.Economics V.Watergate VI.Ford NIXON PRESIDENCY.

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1 1 I.Vietnam II.Nixon & the World III.Politics IV.Economics V.Watergate VI.Ford NIXON PRESIDENCY

2 2 NIXON and Vietnam I. VIETNAM A. Nixon’s Policy 1968, “Peace with Honor” 1969-1972, Vietnamization B. Escalation 1. 1970, Cambodia 2. 1970, Kent State & Jackson State 3. 1969, My Lai (Public informed) 4. 1971, Pentagon Papers C. C.“Peace with Honor”? 1. 1973, Cease Fire & U.S. Forces Leave 2. 1975, Fall of Saigon

3 3 An Era of Power Seeking to restore America’s prestige and influence in the world post-Vietnam.

4 4 NIXON Foreign Policy II. Foreign Policy A. Kissinger- foreign policy advisor- ran foreign policy B. Realpolitik- philosophy that foreign policy should be based solely on consideration of power, not on ideals or moral principles. Called for US to confront powerful nations through negotiation and military engagement. C. Détente- a policy aimed at easing Cold War tensions.

5 5 NIXON Foreign Policy D. 1972, Nixon visits China (communist) “We want to have the Chinese with us when we sit down and negotiate with the Russians”…trying to exploit rift between China and Soviet Union. Opened up diplomatic and economic relations with China

6 6 NIXON Foreign Policy E. 1972, Soviet Union Nixon first pres to visit Moscow SALT I Treaty Strategic Arms limitations Talks – –Limited the number of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and submarine launched missiles.

7 7 An era of limits A. Economic prosperity ending B. Wanted to limit the power of the federal government C. Reverse Johnson’s liberal policies

8 8 NIXON Politics III. Politics: New Federalism – –distribute some federal power to state and local governments. A. Unite Republicans – –Worked to reverse several civil rights policies – –Oppose forced busing – –Ordered a delay of desegregating schools (found unconstitutional) – –Appoint conservative SC justices B. Try to Divide Democrats – –Proposes Family Assistance Plan (welfare reform)= guarantee family income & encourage job training. Died in Congress. – –Establishes Environmental Protection Agency – –Boosts spending on some social programs (SS, Medicare, food stamps)

9 9 NIXON Politics C.“Silent Majority”- Middle class Americans who wanted order restored to society Video Video Video D. “Law & Order”- Used the CIA, wiretaps and IRS to combat antiwar and civil rights activists. Also, cracked down on crime.

10 10 NIXON Economics – –IV. Troubled Economy A. Deindustrialization – –Aging Factories – –Increased Competition (Japan & Europe) – –Unemployment & disappearance of ind. jobs B. Inflation – –OPEC & Oil Embargo = 1973 Oil Embargo- US supported Israel in war against Egypt and Syria, OPEC (oil cartel) cut off all oil sales to the US. In 1974, when sales resumed, prices quadrupled. C. Stagflation (unusual) – –Combination = rising prices (inflation) & economic slowdown (high unemployment)

11 11Watergate V. Watergate A. Watergate Break-In (1972) – –Dem. National Committee – –Burglars & CREEP » »“The Plumbers” – –Pres. Nixon = deny WH involved B. Investigation – –“President’s Men” got paid to not tell on higher-ups – –Washington Post = Woodward & Bernstein » »Cover-up

12 12Watergate C. Congressional Hearings & Cover Up – –Televised – –WH covering up & gave “hush money” to burglars – –? What did Nixon know, and when? D. Secret Tapes Comes out Nixon had taping system in WH SC ordered him to turn them over 18 ½ Minute Gap on Tapes House recommends articles for Impeachment “I’m not a crook” speech “I’m not a crook” speech

13 13 NIXON Resigns E. First president to resign. He knew what was coming.

14 14 PRESIDENT FORD VI. Ford A. Pardons Nixon

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