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MVWG Report to TSS January 2013

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1 MVWG Report to TSS January 2013
Stephanie Lu, MVWG Chair Seattle City Light

2 Meetings HVDCTF Oct 26, 2012 PPMDTF Oct 31, 2012 REMTF Nov 5-6, 2012
MVWG Nov 6-7, 2012 LMTF Nov 8, 2012 Composite Load Model Workshops: Regional workshop at SCE Sep 9, 2012 TSS Webinars (2) in October 2012 Regional workshop at PacifiCorp in Salt Lake City Nov 6, 2012 Regional workshop at SRP in Tempe Jan 15, 2013 Regional workshop in San Diego TBD

3 Presentation Overview
MVWG Approval Items Renewable Generation Modeling System Model Validation Generator Modeling, Testing, and Validation SVC Modeling HVDC Modeling Other items: SW Outage Report, RAS/Relay Modeling, Program Updates Next Meetings and Workshops

4 MVWG Approval Items WECC Approved Dynamic Model Library
WT1/WT2 Pseudo-governor model specifications WT4 model specifications WT3 model specifications PV1X/PVD1 model specifications Wind and Solar Implementation Plan

5 Approved Dynamic Models List
November 2012 Update Updated PSSE SVSMO models to U2 versions Latest version: WECC Approved Dynamic Model List Motion: Approve Dynamic Model Library November 2012

6 Existing Phase 1 Wind Models
Approved version 1 of wind generic models implemented as library models in PSSE, PSLF and other platforms PSLF/17 PSSE/32

7 Wind Phase 2 Type 1&2 Model Specifications
WT1/WT2 Pseudo-governor model specifications approved by MVWG Nov 2012 Pitch model redesigned to more accurately represent the effects of pitch control actions of type 1 and 2 wind turbines Good validation against two major wind turbine specific PSCAD models (Mitsubishi MWT1000A and Vestas V82) Motion: Approve WT1 and WT2 pseudo-governor model specifications

8 Wind Phase 2 and Large-scale PV Model Names
Use modular naming convention for WT3, WT4, and PV1X modules since they use the same model structure Module Use REPC_A Renewable Energy Plant Controller REEC_A, REEC_B Renewable Energy Electrical Controls REGC_A Renewable Energy Generator/Converter model WTGT_A Wind Turbine Generator Drive Train WTGAR_A Wind Turbine Generator Aerodynamic Model WTGPT_A Wind Turbine Generator Pitch Control Model WTGTQ_A Wind Turbine Generator Torque Control Model lhvrt, lhfrt Voltage/current Protection Model, Frequency Protection Model WT3 PV1X WT4

9 Wind Phase 2 and Large-scale PV Models
WT4 WT3 PV1X 9 9

10 Wind Phase 2 Type 4 Model Specs
WT4 model specifications approved by MVWG Nov 2012 P/Q control model expanded to include additional features such as reactive current injection during the fault Plant level control model expanded to include addition of a simple droop control for emulating primary frequency control Generator/Converter model expanded to include additional features such as rate limits on reactive current for recovery after the fault Added a drive-train model Excluding plant level controls, validation work shows good results for multiple manufacturers (Siemens, Vestas, ABB, and simulated cases from ENERCON) Motion: Approve WT4 model specifications

11 Wind Phase 2 Type 3 Model Specs
WT3 model specifications approved by MVWG Nov 2012 Identical to Type 4, with the additional 3 modules: pitch control (added parameter Kcc) torque control (new) simplified aero-dynamic model Initial validation with two vendors (ABB, Vestas) for three designs are good and acceptable Motion: Approve WT3 model specifications

12 Solar PV Model Specifications
PV1X/PVD1 model specifications PV1X Large scale solar model PV1X is a full featured model based on the WECC Type 4 wind generation model PVD1 PVD1 is a more basic model than the Large PV plant model and is intended to represent the aggregate effect of distribution-connected PV at the transmission level Motion: Approve PV1X and PVD1 model specifications

13 Wind Phase 2 and Solar Implementation Plan
Wind and Solar Implementation Plan Description Date MVWG Approved Model Specifications November 2012 TSS Approve Model Specifications January 2013 Complete WECC-scale model testing with model prototypes March 2013 Complete development of models in software programs and make available to users, include inter-operability (between programs) capabilities June 2013 Update Approved Dynamic Models List (add updated wind models and solar models, and remove superseded models) MVWG to provide Application Guidelines with ‘typical’ data from major manufacturers July 2013 Workshop dedicated to wind and solar modeling Late Summer or Fall 2013 Issue request for entities to submit data using new models into WECC case Fall 2013 In the meantime prior to PV models getting approved, submit wt4 models for the WECC base case. Motion: Approve Wind and Solar Implementation Plan

14 Distributed Generation Modeling
CMPLDWg REMTF proposed a simplified version of PVD1 to be added to the CMPLDW to create a CMPLDWg model Initial testing with PSLF beta version has been performed More work is planned to simplify the CMPLDW model, and will be coordinated with LMTF, SRWG, NERC MVWG and the program vendors Proposed CMPLDWg for dynamic modeling CMPLDWg = CMPLDW + DG Simple version of PVD1

15 15

16 Load Modeling (Discussed Yesterday)

17 System Model Validation

18 System Model Validation
A priority of M&VWG is to continue efforts on enabling the ability to transfer information between the WSM and planning base cases to be used for stability studies and perform system model validation. M&VWG has a contract with GE to convert the WECC dynamic database to an “element code” definition with WSM. This would be a one time effort, and allow validation studies to be done using the WSM powerflow case and the new dynamic data file. This will lead to the ultimate goal where the planning model will also use a node-breaker model. M&VWG is participating in the newly created TSS WBRTF effort MVWG conducted model validation studies for Palo Verde and Arlington generation outage that occurred on July 4, 2012, and Chief Joseph breaker insertion. Correlation was good and the composite load model did not show significant difference from the ‘interim’ load model 18

19 System Model Validation
Eric Allen, NERC, provided an update that most of the efforts identified under NERC MVWG are currently under SAMS. One of the NERC priorities is for each interconnection to be able to quickly prepare a model validation base case following a disturbance event. This effort will support the goal to reduce this time from weeks to hours. DOE and BPA have funded research work by University of Wisconsin in developing methods for power system model validation to better match features of events. Additional effort will be put into prony analysis of the disturbance event. 19

20 Generator Modeling, Testing, and Model Validation

21 Synchronous Generator, Excitation and Turbine Control Models
Power Plant Model Data Task Force OEL, UEL and generator protection models Thermal governor modeling Hydro governor model hyg6d Power Plant Model Validation 21

22 Power Plant Model Data Task Force
Reviewed the list of suspected errors identified and discussed at the PPMDTF conference call. Each item was assigned for follow up with the data owners to correct or verify the data that is suspect. If there are additional errors suspected, continue to send them to Kent. Data checking and processing of new data John Undrill provided a demo of the tool, which is continually being improved with new checks, delaying the user interface improvements “” is available on the WECC website in two locations MVWG > PPMDTF > Documents Library > For Generators > Generator Testing Program

23 Excitation Models – OEL
IEEE working group expects to go to ballot in 2013 with an OEL model (not the same as OEL1 and slightly different from IEEE OEL95) More discussion is needed to determine which model WECC will recommend to be the approved OEL model PSLF is continuing to connect the ES models with the OEL1 model 23

24 Excitation Models - UEL
UEL1 and UEL2 already exist Availability in the programs: Available in PSSE version 32 Will be available in next release of PSLF Will be implemented in PowerWorld 24

25 Thermal Governor Model
Revision of the thermal governor recommendation may be needed to reflect the appropriate participation from gas turbines based on the latest disturbance validation Additional review to be performed

26 Hydro Governor Model PSLF hyg6d model includes the model of the hydro-servo in Kaplan turbines Model is being shared with PSSE and PowerWorld Hyg6d is planned to be up for approval at the March 2013 MVWG meeting

27 Power Plant Model Validation
Power Plant Model Validation (PPMV) version 1B using PSLF play-in function is available on the WECC website in the MVWG PPMDTF Documents site It is encouraged to install more PMUs at power plant point of interconnections 27

28 SVC Modeling 28

29 SVC Modeling Efforts successfully validated the generic SVS models with six SVS installations in North America, including three in WECC The SVSMV tool developed by EPRI to validate SVS models is available to the project sponsors

30 HVDC Modeling

31 HVDC Modeling The task force has started with the point-to-point Conventional and Voltage Source Converter (VSC) HVDC models A working draft of the document is in progress Conventional point-to-point HVDC Powerflow model already exists, documentation is being improved Dynamic model for rectifier and inverter has been implemented in PSSE and PSLF, testing has been started VSC point-to-point HVDC Powerflow model has been implemented in PSSE, as a beta in PowerWorld, and a beta version in PSLF is expected in first quarter 2013 A dynamic model has been proposed and implemented in PSSE, feedback expected in first quarter 2013

32 HVDC Modeling IPP DC Modeling
Model performance seems acceptable Trans Bay DC model still needs to be validated PDCI Modeling Sylmar model still needs to be validated Celilo is expected to be replaced in 2016, the updated model is in progress General Caution: models need to be in the ‘right’ order to match the user-written epcl

33 Other Items 33

34 Other Items Eric Allen, NERC, presented the event analysis of the Pacific SW Outage Disturbance Reviewed the draft proposed scopes of work for RPSOTF and MSRATF PSSE, PSLF, PowerWorld, and Powertech provided program updates

35 Next Meetings 35

36 2013 Meetings Meeting Dates and Locations for M&VWG and REMTF:
March in San Diego, hosted by SDG&E June in Salt Lake City, hosted by WECC November 4-6 in Phoenix, hosted by APS HVDCTF, PPMDTF, and LMTF will meet independently from the main M&VWG meeting, as needed.

37 Upcoming Workshops Joint Workshop proposed for July 2013
July SRWG Workshop (2 half days) July MVWG Workshop (2 half days) Wind/Solar Modeling Workshop Fall 2013

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