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WECC Reliability Based Control Field Trial

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1 WECC Reliability Based Control Field Trial
NERC Draft Standards BAL-007 – BAL-011

2 Overview Background PWG/SDT role/responsibilities, Scope, and Time Frame BA role/responsibilities RC role/responsibilities Issues Questions

3 Background Draft BAL-007 – BAL-011 RBC – Frequency based ACE Limit
EI Field Trial underway for 2-3 years 14 BAs with 60% of load “No” modifications to BA EMS’ Waiver of CPS2 compliance requirement Draft under review/revision with new posting in next couple of months

4 WECC FT – Control,Scope,Time
Administered by PWG with assistance from SDT All data will be collected, analyzed by PWG or WECC Staff, and forwarded to SDT PWG will establish WECC interconnection specific data collection requirements PWG will establish participation requirements, SDT will maintain list of participating BAs PWG/SDT will review regularly review data and, if necessary, will consult with BAs on withdrawal from FT PWG will survey BAs regarding readiness for FT WECC FT will last 1 calendar year, after which performance per the Standard will be reviewed

5 BA execution of RBC in WECC FT
All BAs with Peak Load or Max Gen > 500 MW must participate All BAs must be able to meet the data collection reporting requirements While CPS2 is waived, it must still be calculated BAL-007 – a frequency based ACEclock-min limit (BAAL) with a 30 min time limit No EMS modifications are required and BAs may “loosen” control BUT BAs must still continue to calculate and report all required quantities.

6 BA execution of RBC – cont’d
BAs must provide explanation and examples of interfaces Operators will use for RBC compliance BAs can self-implement the BAAL calculation and monitoring of ACE or use tools provided by the SDT The SDT tools are for monitoring only and reference the ACE history (e.g. a PI database)

7 RC participation in WECC RBC FT
RC has authority to direct participating BAs to take corrective action if the RC observes problems it believes may be attributed to the BA operation under the FT. RC, PWG, SDT will conference call to assess such situations. The WECC FT document details specific RC actions for different limit violations

8 Issues and Concerns There is no CPS2 (L10) limit
PWG proposes an ACE “cap” of 2*L10 beyond which BAs will be expected to reduce ACE within the cap after some duration. Should the FT run concurrent with other major control changes? It’s not clear if a BA is allowed to continue to control for ACE, in any manner, while ACE is within the BAAL. Discussion is continuing. PWG understands that anonymity of the BA to the SDT is required as CPS data is involved. The resources to collect and analyze FT data is more than PWG can provide. PWG recommends a WECC staff resource

9 Questions?

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