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Meetings and Conference Call Logistics WECC Leadership Annual Training Session May 6, 2009.

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1 Meetings and Conference Call Logistics WECC Leadership Annual Training Session May 6, 2009

2 2 Administration Support Staff WECC Office Manager Jenna Snyder ( WECC Meeting Coordinator Christina Johnson ( Each Standing Committee and corresponding subgroup has a WECC administrative support person Kirha Quick ( for PCC and Dena Richins ( for OC and subgroups and Cathy Bakk ( for MIC and

3 3 Meetings Hotel Meetings WECC will negotiates through ConferenceDirect for the best hotel rates. Hosted Meetings WECC will work with host company to arrange food and any other assistance necessary. Conference Calls WECC has a negotiated rate with ReadyConference for those groups that wish to use this option. Committee and subcommittee chairs will be provided a ReadyConference number on request: contact Jenna Snyder.

4 Meetings Web Conferences WECC has contracted with Adobe Acrobat Connect to provide a Web conference tool for those groups who wish to utilize this option. Meeting Request Form The form will be posted on the new Web site. The request form gives all meeting specifics. Location – a primary and secondary location should be included on the Meeting Request Form. A/V Packages. WECC has purchased four projectors for meeting use. These will be delivered by WECC staff. 4

5 Meetings Announcement and Registration Form Announcement and registration forms are sent out 21 days prior to the meeting. Our goal is to send this information out 30 days in advance. After the information is sent out, it will be posted to the meeting Webpage. Calendar Process starts in June for the next calendar year. Dates for the Board of Directors meetings will be approved first. 5

6 Meetings Calendar (cont.) Standing Committee chairs work with Christina Johnson to choose dates for their three meetings, to ensure adequate time is given for approval postings, etc. WECC staff will draft a schedule of all subgroup meeting dates following the above decisions and send to each subgroup chair for approval. Email Lists Lists are maintained by the WECC administrative assistant assigned to each group. The committee chair and WECC liaison assigned to the group are responsible to notify the administrative assistant of any changes. 6

7 Meetings Pre-Registration Very important for meeting space, food, and meeting materials. Hotel Costs WECC is responsible for all meeting costs. Meeting Space Catering Costs Attrition Fees Cutting Costs WECC is actively trying to control costs. Hosted meeting Breakfast Bottled water 7

8 Meetings Sign-In Sheets Meeting sign-in sheets will be provided for each meeting. Attendees must sign in, as minimum participation requirements for voting are tracked by these sheets. 8

9 9 Meeting Materials Written Reports for Approval from Standing Committees and Board Subgroup reports are due to Standing Committee chairs and appropriate WECC administrative staff seven days prior to Standing Committee Agenda posting date (28 days prior to meeting date). Standing Committee reports are due to Christina Johnson seven days prior to Board Agenda posting date (28 days prior to meeting date).

10 10 Meeting Materials, cont. Posting of Background Material Background material for all Board and Standing Committee meetings will be posted 14 days before the meeting. All approval items need to be submitted to Christina Johnson for posting no later than 30 days in advance of the meeting. Background material for subgroup meetings should be posted no later than 10 days prior to the meeting.

11 11 Minutes Board Meeting Highlights are to be posted five days after each Board meeting. All meetings minutes for Board, Committees, and subgroups are to be posted by 20 days after each meeting. Notification will be sent to the appropriate group(s). Preparation of Minutes Each chair should appoint either a secretary to take minutes or speak to the WECC liaison for that group to arrange minutes to be taken at each meeting.

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