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1 Mobile Insurance Work Force Thomas So Business Development Director - Asia Pacific

2 Who is iAnywhere Solutions Leading provider of software and services enabling anywhere, anytime access to enterprise information –Mobile, embedded and workgroup database solutions –Mobile middleware solutions –m-Business solutions Uniquely offers proven always available m- Business technology platform Subsidiary of Sybase, Inc.

3 Financial Strength –$89 million USD revenue in 2001 –30% operating margin Market Leader –Mobile database market leader for 6 consecutive years –Fastest growing embedded database vendor –Over 6 million deployed technology licenses –73% market share in Mobile Database market Who is iAnywhere Solutions

4 Mobile Database Market Leader 1996 Mobile Database Market Leader: SYBASE 55% 1997 Mobile Database Market Leader: SYBASE 58% 1998 Mobile Database Market Leader: SYBASE 61% 1999 Mobile Database Market Leader: SYBASE 63.5% 2000 Mobile Database Market Leader: iAnywhere Solutions 68% 2001 Mobile Database Market Leader: iAnywhere Solutions 73%

5 (Leadership Across Markets)

6 Over 700 OEM Alliances

7 Java Developer's Journal (JDJ) Readers' Choice Awards, Best Mobile Database Product, 2001 META Groups SPEX Product of the Month, Best Wireless Application Server, 2001 RealWare Merit Award, 2001 Software Development Magazines Jolt Productivity Award, 2001 Mobility Award For Best Database At Mobile Insights Conference, May 2002 Awards and Accolades

8 The Top Choice in Insurance Sybase technology is used in every one of the top 20 life insurers, and 22 of the top 25 property casualty insurers 68% of the SIA (Security Industry Association) firms use Sybase as their production RDBMS 100% of the Top 100 SIA member firms use Sybase 7 out of top 10 insurance companies SFA is based on Sybase iAnywhere

9 The Top Choice in Insurance l Aetna l AIG l Allmerica l American General l Blue Cross of CA l Canada Life l CNA Insurance l Insurance Services Office l General Accident l General Reinsurance l Guardian Life Insurance l John Alden l John Hancock l Liberty Life l Liberty Mutual l London Life l Manulife l Maritime Life Assurance l Marsh & Mclennan l Mass Mutual l Metropolitan Life l Minnesota Mutual l National Association of Insurance Commissioners l New York Life l Northwestern Mutual Life l Norwich Union l Protective Life l Prudential l Robert Plan l Royal Insurance l SCOR l St Paul Cos. l The New England l Travelers l USF&G l Zurich l Kumbo Life Insurance l Korealife Insurance l Pin An Insurance

10 Application example Insurance agents application: –manage clients& policy information –manage prospect information –Product information (Policy, Chart, Rate & others) –Proposal & validation Systems –Policy Pre-judgement –Internal news & notice –Sales management eg. Commission –Marketing information and document –Team management –Schedule & reminder

11 Application example Additional functions for Insurance companies or agents (example): –Trend and position of client group –Data mining and value analysis –Psychological analysis and sales guide –Policy and marketing analysis –Efficiency analysis & guide –Agents sales management –Training

12 Technology Enablers -- Devices

13 Technology Enablers -- Connectivity HomePNA Ethernet WLAN 802.11 IrDA WAP CDPD GSM TDMA Ardis Metricom Mobitex Dial-Up DSL Cable GPRS 3G Personal Area Local Area Wide Area Pervasive Area Everywhere Remote Office Office Personal Workspace ISDN Bluetooth Home RF © 2000 META Group Inc., Stamford, CT, (203) 973-6700,

14 SQL Anywhere Studio 8 –Leading mobile, workgroup and embedded database –Enterprise Synchronization –ASA (for CE), Ultralite, Mobilink, SQL-Remote m-Business Studio –Comprehensive platform for Always Available mobile computing –iAnywhere Wireless Server Manage Anywhere Studio –Mobile and remote device & application management Mail Anywhere Studio –Mobile e-mail synchronization Message Anywhere Studio (coming soon) –Application oriented messaging for mobile & wireless environment –P2P messaging available –Beta testing AvantGo products (coming soon) –Best known for offline web solutions –February 26 th, 2003 completed acquisition iAnywhere Products

15 Architecture Sybase MobiLink Server ODBC Driver Bi-directional & Transactional Data Synchronization MS SQL SVR Oracle Sybase IBM DB2 Other DBs

16 Investment Methods Total ownership –traditional buy & own model Sell to Agent (Direct Model) –sell front-end solutions directly to agents Sell to Agent (Indirect Model) –re-sell front-end solution to agents ASP –operated by ASP consortium –sell to agents as monthly subscription service

17 Solution Sales force automation application built by EZ Data and deployed to Prudential Insurance Sales Force Benefits Deployed 12,000 seats across 300 offices allowing field agents to access customer information from anywhere in the country Significant increases in employee productivity and improved customer service Customer Success Stories Prudential Insurance & EZ Data

18 Functions Calendar Management Word Processing Reports Query Client Discussion Notes Letters Written Investment Transaction Client Appointments Customer Success Stories Prudential Insurance & EZ Data

19 Customer Success Stories Korealife Insurance Business Challenge Implement a mobile sales force automation system that will support and streamline all phases of the insurance sales cycle Solution Laptop PCs equipped with Life Planner Notebook, a mobile sales force automation application that provides up-to-date account information and marketing data, enabling 20,000 financial planners to design customized insurance packages from any location

20 Benefits Sales representative revenue up by an average of 30% Saved $10 million due to reduced requirements for desktop PCs at sales offices Enhanced sales performance and reduced administration time due to the ability of sales staff to issue insurance policies on the spot Average time from selling a policy to underwriting cut in half Substantial cost savings realized by eliminating the need for printed catalogues Customer Success Stories Korealife Insurance

21 New Program IBM 9672 Distributing server Data of life planner s activation Business Office s PC Customer Info Server Application Server (win2000) - Branch office s data server Marketing Supporting Data(CRM)) Portable PC for life planners New program Customer Info DATA Internet Server Internet support data Wireless Network Marketing supporting data(CRM)) Data of life planner s activation Architecture – Korealife Insurance

22 MECA/ENVMECA/FSSMECA/MGR Network detecting system Automatic server detecting Automatic network detecting Voice browser Voice recognition Voice synthesis Version Management Automatic S/W distribution Real-time data synchronization DB Connector DB connect management DB data management security and resource management User approach control Equipment management Self-Study programs Target customer information management Customer information management Sales schedule management Marketing support system Total financial consulting program Insurance design programs Total financial design Guarantee analysis program Sales activity assistance program Sales activity Simulation (under development) Mailing programs Promotion programs Sales activity analyzing program Korealife Insurance Function Table

23 Solution: Wireless Agent Automation solution to link agents with corporate systems Wireless solution on a variety of devices Powered by m-Business Platform technolo gies; built by iAnywhere Professional Servi ces. Benefits: Enables producers to increase both produc tivity and client satisfaction Cost-effective extension of Guardians exist ing, as well as new, corporate systems to w ireless devices Guardian Life Insurance

24 Search for Alerts. Login Main: Type of Search Policy/Contract Search Linked Account Search Alert Search Linked Account List Policy/Contract List Policy Detail Contract Detail Annuitant/Owner Detail Value by Fund Detail Help Legal Disclaimer Guardian Life Insurance - Functions

25 DeviceOffline Data Store Data Synchronizatio n Software Distribution EmailAlert Messaging Pocket PC (Compaq iPAQ) UltraLite with AES encryption MobiLink with optional Certicom SSL* Mobile MailPocket Outlook Inbox with MM Client MMS (SMS, Email, App- to-App) Palm OS (Palm V) UltraLite with AES encryption MobiLink with optional Certicom SSL* Mobile MailPalm Mail with MM Client MMS (SMS, Email, App- to-App) RIM 857/957Custom solution RIM Email Client MMS (Email) Mobile Phone N/A MMS (SMS) Guardian Life Insurance – Support Devices AES = Advanced Encryption Standard MM = iAnywhere Mobile Mail SSL = Secure Sockets Layer MMS = iAnywhere Mobile Message Service SMS = Short Message Service N/A = Not Applicable

26 Guardian Life Insurance - Architecture

27 Guardian Life Insurance – Sample Screens

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