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Strategic Planning Update For Board Meeting December 5, 2007.

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1 Strategic Planning Update For Board Meeting December 5, 2007

2 Strategic Planning Update Since last board meeting have worked on summarizing the output from the October meeting. This has been incorporated into a prelude document that was circulated to all Board members for their review and comment. Thank you to those who provided their thoughts

3 Strategic Planning Update High Level Summary of Board Feedback – Overall accurate summary of October meeting – Reconfirmed WECC will not undertake any market activities (corrected in the document) – WECCs role and capability in policy development remains an issue – missing staff expertise and policy development process – Need for WECC to be flexible in changing environment – Need for WECC management to be able to address the new dynamic between WECC and members post June 18th

4 Strategic Planning Update The document contains a series of matrices which provide a comparative view of functions currently undertaken by WECC and those that may be undertaken when developing or expanding the organizations strategic direction.

5 Existing FunctionsExpanded Information/ Data Functions Expanded Planning- Related Functions Policy-Related Functions Market-Related Functions Mandatory standards compliance and enforcement Training Maintain or enhance system reliability RC Transmission planning – data Resource assessments WREGIS Aggregator of interconnection wide information that relates to electric power Conduit for information on new technologies Credible source of information regarding economic/ commercial implications of reliability standards Credible source of information regarding reliability standards compliance Expanded training related to reliability rules and compliance No Support development of mandatory standards Support interpretation of mandatory standards No Sample Strategy #2: Stick to Your Knitting Plus (Credible Source of Interconnection-Wide Information) Drivers/Description: Given the current and anticipated business and operating environment, regulatory requirements and organizational capabilities, the Board agrees that the membership, and electric customers, would be well-served by expanding WECC s data and analysis functions. Compliance with mandatory standards, implementing RPS, considering and expanding the transmission system planning, acting as a conduit for other data exchange (e.g., new technologies) are enhancements to WECC s current roles which it is well-positioned to efficiently and effectively fill. In addition, facilitating the recognition of economic implications of reliability standards is a logical expansion of WECC s charter. Execution of this strategy will include rolling assessments of information needs which members and electric customers will benefit from and WECC is well-positioned to supply. Functions and Responsibilities:

6 Existing Functions Training Potential Expanded/improved/ Changed Functions Requirements of Expanded Function Related Policy Questions Operator Dispatcher Scheduler Track CE hours General audiences Board System Overview Chair/leadership Train the trainer Add compliance training to System Operator Training – E Additional training staff and course material Will WECC keep training separate from compliance functions? Enhance simulator training – I Develop additional training material and equipment Train on NERC and regional standards processes – E Train on what it means to be compliant and/or how to be compliant – E Develop course material. Answer questions on how to be compliant Is the Training Department able to answer compliance questions? 5.0 Outcome of the October Board Meeting During the October 2007 strategy retreat the Board of Directors broke into six groups to examine scenarios and strategic options. In comparing the product of the six groups, consensus both for and against certain options emerged. The table provides information that details functions currently undertaken by WECC and need to be taken into consideration when developing or expanding the organizations strategic direction. It was concluded that WECC will not undertake any market activities. Key: E= Expanded Function; I=Improved Function

7 5.1 Consensus - Willingness Common among most Board members was a willingness to expand WECCs current activities as follows: Increase Training to Include Standards and Compliance Improve Data Transparency, Quality and Analysis Transparency is defined as containing well-documented assumptions and agreements. Quality data has high worth and value to all stakeholders. Quality data is current and has been systematically validated by regional experts and stakeholders. It is refreshed on a regular schedule and is publicly available, consistent with confidentiality requirements. Quality data is also reciprocal, meaning that users bear an obligation to validate the data and submit corrections and updates to WECC. Improved analysis includes clear and well-written reports on conclusions and recommends directions regarding data information. WECC is the honest broker of Western Interconnection information– an objective source of data and analyses. Support the Development and Interpretation of Reliability Standards Provide a Forum for the Development of Western Interconnection Policy Coordination of Sub-regional Planning Primarily concerned with inter-regional transmission planning (not intra-regional such as entirely within the state of California). Consolidation of transmission planning activities in one area. Activities are currently divided between TEPPC and the PCC. Raise the visibility and accessibility of plans. 5.2 Consensus – Unwillingness Common among most Board members was an unwillingness to expand WECCs current activities as follows: Market Monitoring Market Making Economic Dispatch System Operations Transmission Project Sponsorship or Decision Making Recommendation of Transmission Projects Based on Economics

8 Gap Analysis Using the information contained in the matrices we undertook interviews with our managers to identify potential gaps in our ability to deliver expanded/improved or changed functions in the following areas: –Governance –Organizational Design –Resource Requirements –Skills gaps –Information Technology


10 5.3Outstanding Issues Commercial Issues: Should WECC be a source of information on the commercial implications of standards? Should WECC be a source for information on the economic implications of transmission? Demand Side Management: Should WECC address the operational implications of integrating DSM and renewable resources into the grid? Should WECC develop policies for the integration of DSM and renewable resources? Transmission/Congestion: Should WECC be a source for information on congestion in the Western Interconnection? Should WECC manage congestion? Analyze scheduling of counterflows? Should WECC advocate the development of transmission? Policy: Should WECC provide analysis of the impacts of public policy? Reliability: Should WECC provide analysis of the impacts of reliability standards? Should WECC facilitate the interaction of markets and reliability? Should WECC develop resource assessment metrics? Environmental: Should WECC be involved in carbon tracking? Should WREGIS be expanded to track all generation? Governance How should WECC address the challenges around its enforcement and reliability roles? 5.4Issues to be addressed in the GAP analysis The strategic plan will include a GAP analysis and subsequent recommendations on the following: Governance Organizational Design Resource Requirements Skills gaps Information Technology

11 Strategic Planning Update Next Steps WECC staff incorporates output from the WSPTF session into the Strategic Plan – date to be determined. Circulate final draft to Board – date to be determined. Review Board feedback – date to be determined. WECC staff refines and circulates the final Strategic Plan for the WSPTF sign off – date to be determined. WSPTF sign off – date to be determined. Circulate final Strategic Plan to WECC Board and membership and post on the WECC website – date to be determined. Present and adopt at April Board meeting

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