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WICF April 2009 WECC BOD Update Lorissa Jones – WICF Steering Chair Jana Van Ness – WICF Vice Chair.

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1 WICF April 2009 WECC BOD Update Lorissa Jones – WICF Steering Chair Jana Van Ness – WICF Vice Chair

2 4/27/092 WICF Objectives WICF Independently Provides a Means to: – Identify Common Compliance Problems – Share Compliance Information – Utilize Member Compliance Expertise to Benefit All Members – Represent WICF Members on Compliance Issues WICF Members share pseudo-confidential information on WICF member only website

3 4/27/093 Ongoing projects Supporting consistency across NERC regions Sharing best practices Presentation of consistent materials to WECC Sharing examples of materials that worked and did not work in a compliance audit Providing a conduit for the members to provide constructive feedback to the WECC Compliance Department, WECC BOD and other industry forums

4 4/27/094 Recent WICF Successes Collaborative efforts between WECC and Registered Entities is greatly improved and appreciated Coordinated feedback to WECC from WICF on Compliance issues GNC – WICF collaborative effort in conducting WICF Compliance Committee survey – over 40% response rate! Over 350 members and growing Auditor Training Workshops WICF continues to provides topics for WECC CUG Meetings

5 4/27/095 WICF Appreciates WECCs efforts for outreach: CUG meetings, Newsletters, Open Mics, CIP meetings – Membership finds these collaborative sessions invaluable Continued support from WECC Board and Executive Management Board Liaison and Staff Liaison Direct Board involvement at CUG/WICF meetings Receiving timely responses from WECC on compliance issues Special Thanks to Taud Olsen Incremental improvements from WICF view – WICF membership generally sees improvement with the change in philosophy and management WECC Compliance pitfalls presentation – VAR-001 and BAL-005 at March CUG

6 4/27/096 WICF Membership concerns Entity difficulties – Long term vs. recent registration issues – Reliability Coordinator (RC) Role Improved communication from RC to registered entities would be helpful in REs compliance efforts – Communication and coordination between WECC Operations and WECC Compliance UFLS-Operations and Compliance disconnect – WECC documentation creation process Criterion, Guidelines, White papers Compliance impacts Penalty implications Examples: – Blackstart procedures – UFLS Program

7 4/27/097 Impacts on Registered Entities Regional Standards and procedures – Timing delay from WECC causing compliance impacts and confusion – Request status update NERC Standards development process very labor intensive and time consuming Day-to day compliance impact on business decisions – Planning perspective – Rate recovery impacts Merchant generator issues Financial impact on REs – New compliance departments, IT systems, consultants, etc.

8 4/27/098 Conclusion Board expectations for input from WICF – Upon request from Board? – Scheduled? – Update on specific issues? WICF continues to offer support to all WECC committees WICF supports continued collaborative approach to compliance with WECC

9 4/27/099 Questions? Contacts: Lorissa Jones ( Jana Van Ness ( ) WICF Steering Committee listing:

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