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REGIONAL CONFERENCES 2008-2009 Bringing People and Knowledge Together.

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1 REGIONAL CONFERENCES 2008-2009 Bringing People and Knowledge Together

2 Inter-Professional Cross-Sectoral Collaboration Child and Youth Mental Health must be cross sectoral by definition –Mental health, health, education, youth justice, child welfare, developmental services, addictions, … Common language, mutual respect, clarity of roles are all required Should be reflected in training as well as practice –What basic level of knowledge should be an expectation?

3 Mobilizing Knowledge and Changing Behaviour in CYMH 2004 to 2006: building/development (e.g., knowledge generation, synthesis, exchange) 2007 to 2010: mobilizing knowledge and changing behaviour in CYMH –common threads across activities: building networks and partnerships; communities of practice around evidence-based practice

4 Activities at a Glance Grants and Awards Index –contains information about Centre-funded projects Project summary Final Outcomes Report Presentations –search for current research in your region, sector or area of interest

5 Youth Engagement –The New Mentality – pilot initiative working to create a youth- driven network promoting mental health and advocating for a system that engages youth in ON –Consumer & Advocates Network – network of consumers, including youth, who inform our programs and services –Youth Art Mural Project – partnership between the Ottawa School of Art and the Centre; the use of art to express mental health –Project Postcard – Helping Ottawa-area students express feelings about mental health through art –Dare to Dream Program – youth-led awards program – - health literacy program Activities at a Glance

6 by Nancy Pereira Knowledge Transfer and Evaluation Lead The New Mentality

7 Project Postcard Art and mental health awareness initiative for students in grades 6-8 (Denise Lacroix & Julie Fisher) Community Foundation of Ottawa grant ($8200) Process: –Presentations about Mental Health –Develop and share messages through the creation of postcards

8 Content … YooMagazineOur flagship magazine focuses on a range of health, mental health and developmental topics, including nutrition and exercise, boys and girls health, injury prevention, bullying and relationships. Q&AEach week, we answer new questions posted by youth. Q&A ArchiveBrowse or search our archive of over 2000 Q&As asked by students and answered by experts QuizzesTest your knowledge about development, health and sexuality. QuestionnairesTake standardized, interactive questionnaires on a range of topics. News BulletinsWe post new fact sheets on emerging trends each month on a range of health, development and well- being topics. Hot TopicsWe showcase materials on critical topics each month, including bullying, STIs, self harm. Classroom ActivitiesLesson plans and teaching modules on a range of health and mental health topics will be posted each month.

9 demo / mydemo


11 Activities at a Glance Med Ed & Med Ed Passport –Partnership between the Centre and Drs Stan Kutcher, Andrea Murphy and David Gardner, Dalhousie University –Psychotropic medication education booklet created in response to a provincial crisis –Innovative tracker for questions, symptoms, activities, side effects, medications and appointments –Train-the-trainer pilot training in May 2008; more to come

12 Activities at a Glance Made in Ontario – May 2008 –more than 350 participants from diverse sectors and regions, including teachers, CYCs, probation officers, psychologists, decision makers –co-hosted by the Centre, Peel Childrens Centre, Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, Child Development Institute, Kinark Child and Family Services and CMHO –one-day showcase highlighting leading practices in child and youth mental health –designed specifically for front-line service providers –Overwhelmingly positive feedback – more to come

13 New Funding Opportunities Community Mobilization Awards –inspired by SPRG –fosters capacity building, collaboration and improved mental health in communities across ON –successful pilot project in 2008 has led to a full roll out of the award in 2009. Aims to: –support sustainable initiatives through collaborative action –promote cross-sectoral and cross-professional cooperation across the province –support motivated communities in their efforts to mobilize around a pressing issue

14 New Funding Opportunities Two new grants replace the former Program Evaluation Grants: 1.Evaluation Capacity Building Grant (ECBG) 2.Evaluation Implementation Grant (EIG) Goals: –standardization of evaluation –more communities of practice established in ON Both grants will require: – a readiness review – if successful, regular consultation with the Centre – partnerships and networks with agencies implementing similar programs and services In September 2008, the Centre funded 24 ECBGs and 13 EIGs. Next deadline is June 2009.

15 Activities at a Glance Ongoing support for evaluation grant recipients: -An online learning module to support users in Planning, Doing, and Using Evaluation in their organizations (Fall 2008 launch date) -A series of practical, interactive workshops to build basic skills (e.g., how to do a literature review, how to do basic statistics, an introduction to qualitative data analysis)

16 Evaluation of the Centre Internal Evaluation (the Centre) –Lead: Dr. Evangeline Danseco –Ongoing internal review of Centre processes and outcomes –Innovative evaluation data-collection system External Evaluation (MCYS) –Fourth year of full operations –To determine value of Centre outcomes and relevance to the field –What can you do to help support your Centre of Excellence?

17 Visit our website for more information:

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