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"Leading change - What leaders really do". Connect People & turn them on.

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1 "Leading change - What leaders really do". Connect People & turn them on

2 Bob de Verteuils perspective Prof John Kotters Seminar Changes in Main Roads Current Leadership Programs in Main Roads Leadership Lounge

3 "the difference that one person can make by doing what they think is the right thing to do " the heart (emotions) is much more powerful in creating change than the head ( logical explanations)".

4 Leadership is about making things happen Leadership can come from anyone in any part of the organisation.

5 8 step process 1.Establishing a sense of urgency 2.Creating a guiding coalition 3.Developing a vision and strategy 4.Communicating the change vision 5.Empowering others to act 6.Creating short term wins 7.Consolidating gains and producing even more change 8.Institutionalising changes in culture

6 Examples Southwest Airlines Mary Kay Mr Matsushita Robert Kennedy McCarthy's campaign against communism Nelson Mandela The Rota Rooter salesman Mr Furheister The glove story

7 it is possible to have more fun and be more productive before making radical change, a sense of urgency for the change must be established with those needing to change urgency spreads through honesty, humility and enthusiasm - it cannot be taught (or mandated) leaders appeal to the emotions not the intellect a successful organisation needs to have a high level of leadership plus a high level of management management is implicitly emphasised in our culture e.g. terms such as "change management/manager"; "managing change", etc Lessons

8 effective teamwork can magnify the leadership and management qualities of individuals in an organisation youth is the willingness and ability to keep growing with a humble heart and open mind you can learn from everybody big idealistic goals and beliefs can be achieved simple diagrams can be effective communications through hardship you can be reborn stronger leaders live deeply meaningful lives you don't need to be powerful to make powerful changes Lessons

9 people in management roles do stupid things when they are out of their depth and feeling afraid dismantling apartheid is as much about liberating white people from fear as it is about liberating black people from poverty when looking for leadership in a particular area stay clear of stereotypical assumptions (e.g. the energetic, fun loving CEO of Southwest Airlines is a lawyer) examples that you can see or touch are much more powerful than a set of carefully constructed words/figures more leadership is possible if we can lessen the gap between leadership potential and actual leading Lessons

10 Changes in Main Roads Corporatisation - value service progress Commercialisation of TTD QT takeover MR re emergence RS&E Realignment Project + Operations +

11 Main Roads Leadership Programs ïFutures in Leadership ïJourney into Leadership ïELDP

12 Leadership Lounge

13 Leadership Lounge Opportunities Mix with like minded public servants Meet CEOs to consolidate their support Practise notetaking and writing skills Hone facilitation skills Part of successful phenomena Share passion for implementing change Learn lots about me, people, leadership & change

14 Leadership Lounge Lessons What the head makes cloudy the heart makes clear Storytelling works Love is the key Leadership is selfish 3Rs = Common Goal,Respect, Roles, Real communication Learning is nice but doing is useful + much much more

15 Let your love flow

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