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1 Introduction to ASP.Net 4.0 Development David Ringsell MCSD MCT MCPD.

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1 1 Introduction to ASP.Net 4.0 Development David Ringsell MCSD MCT MCPD


3 3 ABOUT THIS COURSE COURSE STYLE Content has some flexibility Opportunity to experiment – extend the labs Opportunity to share knowledge Opportunity to enhance team working Contribute – attempt consultants questions Enjoy the course! Copyright David Ringsell 23/10/11

4 4 TRAINING METHODS Talks with slides Practical demonstrations Sample code and exercises Questions and answers – both ways Discussions Training notes – add your own notes

5 5 Daily Course Evaluation 1. What is the best thing about this course? 2. The course be will even better if? You can consider Pace Technical depth Content Balance of activities (labs, talks, demonstrations) Course Materials

6 6 DAILY SCHEDULE START9.30 LUNCH12.30 – 1.30 FINISH4.30 BREAKS20 mins a.m. / p.m. HOUSEKEEPING Equipment Security Phones Location

7 7 Course Content 1.The.NET Framework 2.Visual Studio 2010 3.Language Syntax 4.Classes & Objects 5.Debugging Applications 6.ASP.NET Introduction 7.User Interface Development 8.Configuration 9.Membership & Personalisation 10.Error Handling 11.Data Binding 12.Creating Responsive Pages with AJAX 13.Language Integrated Queries (LINQ) 14.Web Services 15.Deployment 16.Build Business Application

8 8 LOOSE SCHEDULE UnitDAY 1, 2, 3Monday 4, 5, 6Tuesday 7, 8, 9Wednesday 10, 11, 12Monday 13, 14, 15Tuesday

9 9 Your Consultant – i.e. Me! David Ringsell MCSD.Net MCAD MCT MCPD (web) Trainer, developer, consultant Develops in C#.Net, VB.Net, ASP.Net and Sequel Server

10 10 References Professional ASP.Net 3.5 from Wrox Professional C# 2010 from Wrox

11 11 World Wide Web – Reality Check 7 Bn 1.8 Bn What are these numbers?

12 12 Unit 1: Introduction To.Net

13 13 Introduction to.Net Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Languages in the.NET Framework The Common Language Runtime Accessing Data with ADO.NET & XML Accessing the Web with ASP.NET

14 14 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Toolbox Task List Solution Explorer Dynamic Help Editor/Browser Properties Server Explorer Object Browser

15 15 Languages in the.NET Framework Visual Basic.NET C# – designed for.NET J#.NET F#.NET Third-party languages

16 16 Overview of the.NET Framework Visual Studio.NET Common Language Specification VisualBasicC++C#J#….NET Framework

17 17 What Are the Parts of.NET The. NET Languages Common Language Runtime.NET Framework Class Library ADO.NET: Data and XML ASP.NET: Web Forms and Services Windows Forms

18 18.NET Building Blocks.NET Framework Class Library ADO.NET - XML.Net - LINQ Windows Forms &WPF Common Language Runtime - CLR Web Forms & MVC & Services

19 19 Common Language Runtime (CLR) Base Class Library Support Thread Support COM Marshaler Type Checker Exception Manager MSIL to Native CompilersCodeManagerGarbageCollection Security Engine Debug Engine Class Loader

20 20.NET Framework Class Library System.Globalization System.Diagnostics System.Configuration System.Collections System.IO System.Reflection System.Net System System.Threading System.Text System.SecuritySystem.Runtime.InteropServices

21 21 Accessing Data with ADO.NET & XML DataSetDataRow DataTable Data Reader System.Data System.Xml System.Xml.Schema System.Xml.Serialization LINQ

22 22 ASP.NET Accessing the Web with ASP.NET System.Web Configuration SessionState Caching Security Services Description Discovery Protocols UI HtmlControls WebControls

23 Lab 1: The.Net Framework Becoming Familiar with the Visual Studio.NET IDE

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