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A case for global leadership: the Kai Bendix story.

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1 a case for global leadership: the Kai Bendix story

2 Thinking about the learning from our programme so far, what kind of leadership skills and international competencies do you require to build up a business from zero in an unfamiliar environment (like India)? A Case for Global Leadership: Introductions

3 What may be the cultural and situational factors which impact on the way he needs to handle these three challenges? A Case for Global Leadership: Introductions

4 To what degree can you transfer past international experience from one international location to present challenges in another? Drawing on the past

5 1) What cultural tensions did Kai face when he moved from Germany to turn around an under-performing team in Bulgaria? 2) What international leadership skills did he show in Bulgaria? 3) To what extent could he transfer what worked from Bulgaria to India? Drawing on the Past

6 1) What are the choices Kai faces in decision-making? 2) What local perspectives does he need to understand in making the right choice, and implementing it in the right way? The World As you Find it

7 Presenting your case You will each be in a group that will prepare a solution to ONE of the three challenges. One member of each group will be chosen to role-play Kai Bendix presenting his decision and approach to one interested party: Group A: The Roshan Bribery Case: Pam Group B: The Distributor Case: Thomas Papenfuss, Regional Marketing VP Group A: Organisation issue: Jason Chen, Board Member You have 20 minutes to prepare

8 What do we learn about Kai as an individual that strikes you as authentic and may guide him in making his decisions ? The World As It Finds You

9 Change of international competency focus PULLBulgariaIndia New Thinking Welcoming Strangers Acceptance Valuing Differences PUSHBulgariaIndia Inner Purpose Focus on Goals Spirit of Adventure Resilience

10 International Competency Refocus What could have caused him to refocus his international profile? What is the link to authenticity?

11 What interests you about what Kai really does, and how he does it? Taking action

12 What extra does the Results scene reveal about leadership? Results

13 A successful global leader needs to… symbiotic relationships between company and local country 2.manage distance between the HQ and the local operation 3.recognise the perceptions of follower locals 4.take a step back from local context and see the global picture 5.combine affability with toughness 6.walk the talk, and avoid only lip-service 7.minimise gap between own skills and first line managers 8.learn how to cool down a bit, be realistic about speed of change 9.prepare for a tough re-entry back to the home culture 10.beware of copy-paste since the context is always different

14 What lessons can we take back to your organisation from Kais global leadership challenges and responses? Transfer

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