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Welcome to Cambridge Dr. Philip Sargent, Diboride Conductors Ltd.

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1 Welcome to Cambridge Dr. Philip Sargent, Diboride Conductors Ltd.

2 Why come to Cambridge ? 76 Nobel Prizes (Chicago 72, Columbia 60, Harward 40, MIT 36, Princeton 30, Humboldt Berlin 29) Newton, Babbage, Maxwell, Bragg, Rutherford, Dirac, Whittle, Wilkes, Perutz, Kendrew, Crick, Watson, Sanger, Oatley, Klug, Milstein Physics, Molecular Biology, Engineering

3 Cambridge in the last 30 years From 50 to 1600 high tech. companies 45,000 employed, 2,000 millionaires locally Since 1972, capitalisation of £40 billion Science Park, SJIC, ARM, Software ERBI 160 biotech, 60% industrial ink jets

4 Cambridge in the last 3 years Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre (CEC) 100 new businesses in 12 months Judge Institute Business School (11 years) 4 th in Europe, 22 nd World (FT rank) UKs Leading Technology Cluster EEDA established, explicit target: Innovation Capital of Europe

5 Cambridge this year A strong materials emphasis Plastic Logic 1.. Ltd Polatis Sentec Cambridge Display Technology Diboride Conductors Ltd.

6 This Morning 10:00 Welcome & Engineering Context David Caplin René Flükiger Giovanni Grasso Wilfried Goldacker Short contributions 12:15 Photograph 12:30 Lunch

7 Constraint: Liquid Cryogens Operating Range

8 Engineering Needs Generators, Transformers, Cables, FCLs, Motors, Grid conditioning, power storage Capital cost is most important for all of these in deregulated power markets Why superconductors? Higher power density, 100x the current Smaller Lighter (MgB 2 is 1/3 the density of Copper) Cheaper to buy and install Cheaper to operate Entirely new capabilities (FCLs)

9 Materials Requirements Magnetic Fields 2-5 T (except cables) AC use requires T > 20 K (cryogenic cost) Materials parameters: Low cost: ~ 10 $/kA.m Practical volumes: J e (J c 10 5 kA/cm 2 ) Low AC losses: W/kA.m at 50Hz. Flexible, low J e / strain sensitivity

10 Afternoon 14:00 Short Contributions Trev Shields, HIP 14:20 Bartek Glowacki 14:50 Philip Sargent 15:10 Open Discussion 15:30 Tea and visitors

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