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Increasing Member Participation Anthony Christopher Digital Places.

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1 Increasing Member Participation Anthony Christopher Digital Places

2 Overview n Categorizing community members –Vast majority of members are only potential members (lurkers) n Motivators/Caretakers create majority of content that engages those lurkers n Care & feeding of Caretakers/Motivators is critical to growth of community

3 Digital Places Categorizing Members n Passives - seek effortless entertainment or information n Actives - participate enthusiastically in activities and topics created by others n Motivators - plan and create activities n Caretakers - intermediaries between members and staff Source: Randy Farmer, Electric Communities

4 Digital Places Estimates by Category n n Passives: 85+% n n Actives: 12% n n Motivators: 1-3% n n Caretakers: 0.1-1%

5 Digital Places Identifying Caretaker/Motivators n Social People –Hosts, talkers, mature reliable people n Nurturers by nature

6 Digital Places How to Find Them n Publish job descriptions n Take recommendations from current staff n Select people that everyone agrees on

7 Digital Places Recruitment n Personal Attention n Back Channel

8 Digital Places Training Hosts & Caretakers n Terms of Service (Contractual Norms) n Acceptable/Unacceptable Behaviors (Tacit Norms) n Enforcement Mechanisms

9 Digital Places Effective Training Programs n Study materials n Simulate problem situations n On-the-job mentoring n Reporting & accountability

10 Digital Places Motivating Caretakers/Motivators n Status n Access privileges to exclusive areas n Rewards, Recognition, and Feedback

11 Digital Places Member Participation by Category Passives Actives Motivators Caretakers Passives Actives Motivators Caretakers Membership Usage

12 Digital Places Increasing Passives Participation n Most people, least time n Motivators create activities for engaging passives n Give Motivators the power to create more

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