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TOP SECRET Tips and Tools for Selling a Compliant Government Office Product Solution.

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1 TOP SECRET Tips and Tools for Selling a Compliant Government Office Product Solution

2 Office Environment Problem Breach of Confidential Information

3 Over 27 million people have had their identity stolen in the last five years. Sophisticated identity thieves are pursuing even bigger payoffs 49% of companies affected by a data breach state one or more of the breaches involved the loss or theft of paper Department of Defense directive specifically identifies crosscut shredders as the minimum level of security for shredding Identity Theft costs businesses an estimated $50 billion annually. Information at Risk

4 Shred the Risk!

5 LC Industries and AbilityOne LCI Founded in 1936 and engaged w/Fellowes in 2000 AbilityOne (formerly JWOD): products made by blind & disabled workers are mandatory for federal purchasers Provides employment for 40,000+ Allows workers to become self-sufficient taxpayers All AbilityOne products must contain 75% direct blind labor Almost 3,000 blind-made products

6 AbilityOne Shredder Facts Co–Branded Shredders: Fellowes by LCI under AbilityOne Shredder kits from China - Assembled by the blind in America for federal government market AbilityOne is exempt from Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Six Fellowes by LCI shredders are mandatory for federal procurement (A- list) Essentially The Same (ETS) Products that are determined the same form, fit & function Example: GBC RSX127 is ETS as the Fellowes Ability One 970CC

7 Fellowes by LCI Shredders Professional Commercial Current Assortment 970CC A List 1-3 users 17 Sheet 3200CC A List 6 – 10 users 22 Sheet 4000SC B List 10+ users 36 – 38 Sheet 4000CC A List 10+ users 24 – 26 Sheet 3200SC A List 6 – 10 users 24 Sheet 2200CC A List 3 – 5 users 20 Sheet 2200SC A List 3 – 5 users 20 Sheet

8 Why Sell AbilityOne Shredders? AbilityOne is mandated by the government Fellowes by LCI shredders allow resellers & government purchasers to be compliant with federal procurement regulations Fellowes has dominant market share and the government wants quality/innovative shredders New administration expected to enforce laws more aggressively Replacement buyers are on the rise as is the average sale price of shredders Fellowes will continue to innovate/support AbilityOne program

9 C-525C C-525 Aug. 10 2010 - 2011 Government Shredders ABILITY ONE PROGRAM 990CCi Aug. 10 TAA COMPLIANT 4600MSi 2011 2250CCi Aug. 10 4000SC4000CC 2200SC3200CC 3200SC 300HS 2011 700HS 1000HS 2011 HS-440 Aug. 10 HS-660 Aug. 10 HS-880 Nov. 10 HS-1010 Aug. 10 800 HS Disc 11 400 HS Disc. 11

10 Office Environment Problem Unhealthy Work Environments

11 90% of all US office workers use a computer 40% work on computers at least 4 hours a day Ergonomic disorders are the fastest growing category of work-related illnesses 85% of office workers said they have gone to work when they should have stayed home The average workspace is 400x dirtier than a toilet seat Minor aches and pains cost US businesses over $61 Billion in lost productivity each year! (Source: American Medical Association) Lifetime costs of injuries occurring in a single year in the US totals an estimated $406 Billion, with $80.2 Billion of that in medical expenses (Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

12 Create a Healthy Office Environment Under Desk Keyboard Drawers With Microban®Without Microban® Microbes on an Untreated Surface can Double Every 20 Minutes!

13 Office Environment Problem Mobile Workers

14 2.4 Million laptop users are at risk from prying eyes. By 2012, more than 80% of mobile workers will create and review information on notebook PCs and mobile devices (Reed Business Information Limited 2007). Up to 25% of employer-related identity theft is done by stealing data from laptop computers Every year, US company secrets worth an estimated $250 Billion are stolen because of indiscreet business practices (American Society for Industrial Security). Threats for Mobile Employees

15 Stop Prying Eyes

16 Tools & Marketing

17 Fellowes Website - Sell Sheets for all products Customizable Flyers Jpeg for HTML Eblast available upon request Fellowes Government Brochure Tools & Marketing

18 Customizable Flyer

19 Current TAA Shredders

20 2010 Fellowes Government Brochure/Tools AbilityOne Shredders High Security Shredders Bankers Box – Made in USA Earth Series Desk Accessories Ergonomic Products TAA compliant Green

21 Fellowes Tech Data Account Manager Lexie Antonio 630.671.8462 Fellowes Government Channel Manager Shane Powell 630.671.8534 Contacts

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